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For the next photo shoot, the girls had hair to spare as they were outfitted in human tresses. Krista continued to step up her game and blew everyone away with her strong poses and hair couture. And although Anslee brought the fierce to her face, she wasn't working the locks below her neck. Because she couldn't integrate her body into her posing, she got the boot.

The final six girls left New York City and headed to New Zealand! Krista's reward for having the best photo of the week was a first-class ticket, and she got to share it with Angelea. Angelea tells us that she slept in the grimiest of all grimy locations -- the Port Authority in New York City -- and now she's in first class luxury. She loves it. Once in New Zealand, the girls got a Maori welcome, and then were immediately sent off to go-sees. There's some unseen footage for us to enjoy. Alasia gets confused when the designers from Twenty-Seven Names introduce their brand, so adds a, "Say what?" They think she could work on her first impression. Angelea meets with the Stolen Girlfriends Club, and tells us that the men are feeling her, like they always do. She booked six out of six go-sees, and also got a challenge victory.

The girls then moved into their swanky Auckland penthouse, which was luxurious beyond belief. And as a deleted scene demonstrates, Angelea was in no way about to share her go-see goods with the other girls. She tells the others that they have no business touching anything before she does, which rankles Raina. Raina says that Angelea is miserable and angry. But that's what gives Angelea her charm! Just because Angelea had a difficult life, Raina says, it doesn't mean that she can take it out on other people. Or she can, and we can all be amused by it. I don't see what the problem is, here. The girls enjoyed a spectacular view of Auckland, complete with rainbow, and what we didn't see was them breaking in their new deck. Alexandra pulls a giant hairball out of their pool, which is in fact pretty disgusting. It's the size of a baby owl, and looks like it could fledge at any moment.

The next photo shoot was no time for the girls to be sheepish, as they had to wear the same dress in the midst of a stunning landscape. Angelea was thankfully not allowed to sit on the co-starring sheep. Alexandra came alive and emoted haute couture beauty and grace, while Alasia was lost and got swallowed up by the dress and the scenery. At panel, the judges could see that she wasn't learning fast enough to keep up with the competition, and she was sent home. It was a sad day for all who loved her particular blend of beauty and stankness.

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