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Cut to a group confessional in which Ren says she almost quit today, but her best friend told her that quitting is for suckers -- getting wasted is where it's at. Apparently everyone heeded said friend's advice, because there is drunkenness everywhere. Girls do shots in the kitchen! Angelea and Ren BOTH do the Hammer dance! And then Anslee, with no prompting, shakes her booty in a professional video ho manner. It's pretty impressive, and I think it's Angelea who yells, "Anslee's got some black in her!" Anslee then drops it like it's hot, to wild applause. She interviews that she started working in a bar at a young age, and that since you meet so many different people you need to learn how to alter your personality to suit your customers. And in this case, her customers are booty-shaking hos! It's pretty much the best crowd you could ask for. I totally thought this bonus clip was going to end with drunken brawling, but everyone stays in a good mood. Maybe if there had been more available alcohol, it would have been a peaceful season. Counterintuitive!

At the next photo shoot, the girls had to interpret different genres of dance. What we didn't get to see was how much effort dance instructor Troy Powell put into teaching this rhythm-deprived girls a few steps. No amount of practice could help Ren get into the groove, even though she was wearing the flyest disco ensemble. At panel, she landed in the bottom for the second week in a row. Ren's misery at the house as well as her lackluster performance in photo shoots finally caught up with her, and she was booted and left to deal with her mother issues in a non-public forum.

And then there's Brenda. She had a hard time dealing with her first makeover. Tears! World shaking short hair! So Brenda was less than thrilled when stylist Sally Hershberger showed up at the house to shear her once again. Sally fed off the misery, though, and actually cackled. What we didn't see was how "hairy" things got after Sally left. Brenda apparently said that she'd sweep up her pile of removed hair, yet the hair stayed on the floor for hours. Finally, Angelea had enough and asked Brenda if she was going to clean the hair. Brenda said that she forgot, but she'd do it. Apparently she didn't though, and Krista had to make a visit to Brenda's room. Krista pointed out that the hair was in the kitchen, and she didn't want nasty Brenda hair in her food. She asked again -- nicely -- if Brenda could clean it up and Brenda said, "I'm not going to get out of my bed." Krista said that if Brenda didn't clean it up soon, she'd clean it and put it in Brenda's bedroom. That made Brenda even more determined not to clean it up. What a nit. Krista wasn't kidding about sweeping it into Brenda's room. Brenda's theory about dealing with this is that she didn't put it in her own room, and so isn't going to vacuum it. The fuck? That would take about three seconds to clean up. Now I see why everyone called her Chucky.

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