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Meanwhile, more drama! Alasia screamed at Ren, if you recall. But Jessica could always be counted on to lighten the mood. She had mismatched pajamas and silly dances galore. And a whoopee cushion! The girls often played "Chubby Bunny," a game in which you have to put as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can. After each additional marshmallow, you have to say "chubby bunny." Jessica and Alexandra got into a very heated Chubby Bunny competition, and though Jessica gave it a good effort, your chances of beating the house's plus-sized girl in a competition involving marshmallows are really pretty slim.

The Rachel Roy runway challenge was one of the show's most spectacular events to date. The models handled themselves with poise and grace...mostly. This was the infamous swinging pendulum competition, in which Alexandra totally got knocked off the runway after falling down a flight of stairs. Ah, glorious day! What we didn't see was Benny Ninja and his glitterati crew working the runway as only they can -- with lots of chains on their chests and tiny, fierce hats. The girls were impressed, and knew they could never live up to the fierce glamour.

Following the runway catastrophe, the girls had a photo shoot for disappearing colorful perfume in which they braved the man-made elements. The results were less than beautiful. Ren complained a lot about her contacts, and everything else. Krista and Raina didn't let wind and water prevent them from creating fierce photos. Naduah had a weird, stern mouth reminiscent of a blow-up doll, and the judges didn't think she was pushing her modeling to the next level. She was sent home, leaving us only with a lot of questions about the nature of potential and experience and pathological lying, and how growing up in a cult might factor into that.

Following a commercial break, we learn that everyone is having a bad day. And who was having the worst day of all, you may ask? Why, it's Ren of course. The competition had barely begun, but she was miserable. On the phone, Ren tells a friend that the house contains a mix of the worst kinds of crazy girls from high school, and ghetto girls -- and not even funny ghetto girls. And of course at least one faux hipster who aspires to the look and smell of an American Apparel ad. Seriously, don't talk about Angelea like that. Ren's friend from home suggests that she just get drunk, and Ren says that she didn't buy in bulk, but that the four bottles of wine she got should get her through the night.

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