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With that, Krista and Raina were in the final two! They barely had a moment to celebrate and sip champagne before Miss J. arrived to whip them into runway-walking shape. Krista predicted they would fight to the death in an Anna Sui runway show. They had some friendly reinforcements in the form of the past four eliminated contestants. Three of these were on team Krista, leaving poor Jessica as the only Raina supporter. When the moment arrived, both ladies rocked the runway, or so the story goes. They each pushed themselves and pulled out all the stops, and Tyra remarked that they were both so good. It was a hard choice for the final panel. Both girls came through big time throughout the whole cycle. Both are remarkable visually, and were charming in very different ways. But ultimately, Krista was named America's Next Top Model! Tyra is most excited to see her determination, persistence, and dream-following pay off. This guarantees that all those other multiple-auditioners will keep coming back, I guess, which may or may not be a good thing.

With that, we are through! Thank you all for watching and reading throughout this cycle! Now go have a dreckitude-free summer!

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