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Anslee is next, and ALT says that the point of the toe on her left leg is stereotypical. It's a bit cliché. However, Nigel likes the strength of her face and how present she is. Whitney thinks that she looks a bit stiff and uncomfortable. Tyra adds that Anslee has a very strong face, but she falls flat on the long shot. She also doesn't take enough risks. Then there's Alasia. Despite Jay's negative critique, the judges love her photo. ALT says that, particularly given the way that Alasia has positioned her feet, her shot is high fashion and couture. He adds that this is the first dress that seems like it could really be couture, and applauds her. Tyra says that all of Alasia's shots were like this -- it was the same frame over and over. It seemed like she was stuck, and she didn't take any chances. ALT totally wants her in his salon again, though.

Alexandra is next. Oof. Nigel understates that it's not the greatest shot he's ever seen. Really, she looks like a dancing hippo. That is not a comment about her size. ALT says that her hands are very awkward, even though her face looks beautiful. Tyra agrees that Alexandra's face is very strong in this picture, but it would have been better if her face was closer to camera. In the wide shot, her head looks very small because she's leaning backwards. This in turn makes her body look kind of giant, which is a double misfortune for the plus-size girl. Angelea is next, and while I think she looks nuts, the judges love her photo. Whitney says that she owns the outfit, looks super-confident, and her body is strong and vibrant. ALT adds that there's grace and lyricism in her hands, and she looks in control of her face and emotions. Tyra agrees that Angelea looks in control, and adds that she took a risk, and it paid off. Last up is Raina. Nigel loves it. Whitney loves it, and says that she pulled of an alternate sense of gravity. ALT loves her hair coat. Is there any way that Raina's not winning this thing?

The judges deliberate. On Jessica's photo, Nigel says that it's the model's job to work whatever she's given, no matter how dreck or hairy the outfit might be. He thinks there's something there. ALT doesn't like the position of her limbs, but thinks that her face is beautiful. Tyra thinks it's a little on the nose in terms of dancing, and would like more of a fashion twist. Krista has come a long way, both in photos and in person. She has cheekbones for days, which is a great asset for a model and not only because they will cut you if you try to touch her face. ALT adds, "She's got it." Anslee was Whitney's least favorite photo. Her body, hands and legs were awkward, even though her face was great. Nigel thinks that it's a nice picture and she's got a great face, but you can't just be a beauty model. Alasia is a high-fashion sepia model of the great days of Givenchy. You can guess who said that. Her photo is one of Whitney's favorites. Everything about Alexandra's photo is off, according to Whitney, and what she thinks she's doing isn't aligning with what she's actually doing. Tyra says that Alexandra's face in this photo is divine, and that to be able to look good as the viewer is peering into your nostrils is quite rare. Nigel adds that her proportions are spot-on for a plus-sized model, and a lot of women are going to look at her and identify. Angelea surprises ALT every week, and challenges his mind as to what a model should be. Is that a compliment? Tyra thinks she's made a fashion photo finish. Whitney loves Raina's eyes, and Nigel agrees that everything about her is phenomenal. Tyra and ALT are in agreement that it's not dreck. With that, the judges have reached a decision.

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