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Back at the house, Anslee and Angelea discuss the challenge. Anslee admits that Krista did indeed have the best walk of everyone. Angelea says that Jessica probably thought she was going to win the challenge, but thought wrong. Angelea did, however, enjoy Jessica's hair maneuver. Anslee, however, thought it was cheesy. She says that her walk showed her personality -- stern and strong. Anslee interviews that she stayed true to herself, which means more to her than winning. Staying true to your bitter, combative, unappealing self isn't necessarily the strategy I'd go with, but as long as she's happy.

There is Tyra Mail! "2morrow could be a hairy situation. Don't get tangled. Luv, Tyra." At 7:51 the next morning, Raina tells Alasia that they have four minutes until they have to leave. Alasia combs out her hair and just says, "A'ight." Raina interviews that Alasia's young, but that's no excuse for her constant lateness. In the modeling industry, she says, being late could cost you your job. And I thank heaven every day that I don't work in an industry where lateness could cost me my job, because I would be living in a box. A shoe box. A Payless shoe box. At 7:55 AM, the girls wait for the elevator and someone yells out, "Let's goooo!" Alasia is still combing out her hair. Angelea tells us that Alasia was late, and the elevator closed on her. Angelea could give two shits and says she's not holding the elevator for anybody, because she's nobody's mama. I think that's fair, too. They gave her a four minute warning, after all.

Alasia approaches the elevator after the others have gone down. She presses the button, but nothing happens. She interviews, "Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap." The girls walk out onto the street to get in the limo, and Alasia actually knocks on the door of the elevator. The elevator does not answer, and the door does not open. Alasia says to no one in particular that the elevator isn't working, so she doesn't understand how she's supposed to get outside. They're called stairs, braintrust. Alasia thinks she's quite possibly in trouble, and quite possibly going to have to take the bus. She tries pressing the elevator button about 40 more times, and we head to commercials.

When we return, Alasia finally discovers the stairs. She claims that nobody told her they were leaving, though we've seen that's not strictly true. She gets into the limo, which is still curbside, and says she's sorry for keeping everyone waiting. Someone -- I'm not quite sure who -- simply says, "You're an idiot." Alasia accepts that and bites her tongue. Krista says they might not wait the next time.

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