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Annaliese has animalistic realness and Nigel loves her bone structure, but he can't get past the "presenter" in her. Cutrone says that she sometimes has dreams of Annaliese talking. That... is disturbing, mostly for Annaliese. However, Tyra argues that Annaliese booked her Toronto shows because of her personality. She's proof that modeling isn't all just about how tall you are. Beverly thinks that Kyle is a fashion model, and loves the way she looks. Nigel, however, isn't a huge fan of her photo. Cutrone thinks that she looks like Barbara Eden's avatar, which is a good thing. Azmarie's shot is fabulous, and Nigel is living for her. Beverly thinks that Azmarie will work a lot, because she's different, and original, and a star. Tyra adds that Azmarie is getting a little cocky these days. This could lead to them trying to take her down a peg, eventually. Seymone's photo is beautiful, and Nigel says that her face is the most dreamboat of the bunch. Eboni is hot, and Kelly Cutrone is now in love with her. Nigel thinks that she's pretty but nothing special in person, but her photo is a whole different matter. Cutrone has mixed feelings on Laura's photo, but likes Laura in general and thinks that she's been consistently strong. Nigel sees both a tenderness and a rock-n-roller in Laura, and thinks that this yin-yang quality is exciting.

With that, the judges have reached a decision. Eboni is granted best photo of the week, with bonus kudos for tying for most go-see bookings. Azmarie is named the runner-up, with no mention of her cockiness. Sophie gets the third photo, and the Brits and their collective low self-confidence celebrate. Seymone is called next, followed by Laura and Kyle. This means that all the Americans have been called, and four Brits are in the bottom. Alisha is called next, followed by Annaliese. This leaves Ashley and Catherine in the bottom two. Two beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she has only one photo in her hand. And that photo represents the girl who is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Both girls booked zero shows, thus failing a test of "realness." Real disappointing! Who stays in the competition? It's Catherine, who of course has the stronger photo. Tyra reminds Catherine that she has an Era-descent face that can do anything. However, she has to hold on to her confidence, and could have booked at least one show if she felt as good as she looked in her photo.

Ashley is charming even in defeat, and Tyra tells her that she should be a presenter. She adds that Ashley's kids are really lucky to have her as a mom, because she is going to make them into amazing, fantastic people like herself. Ashley tells us that she's sad but also happy. The happiness comes from Tyra Banks saying that she has a great personality, and not seeing her as a total zero. The reasons for sadness are obvious. Ashley didn't think that she was going to stay even this long, and also is happy that she'll get to see her kids. Let's hope that there's no lingering depression that forces her into a life of haggis when she's back across the pond.

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