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We then move to the Americans. Laura is asked about why she and Kyle were unbooked from Pink Tartan. She says that there was a lot of pressure, and that the show was the designer's baby and she didn't want anyone to ruin it even slightly. Laura's photo, however, is stunning. She's got great body language, a great shape, and a great face according to Nigel. Cutrone says that she'd like to see a bit more energy up in the joint, and asks what Laura's closed body language was about. Laura explains about her friend passing away right before the competition, and says that her face was letting the emotion through but her body was trying to hold back the pain. Cutrone digs this explanation, and I have to say that being able to translate verbally what you were trying to do seems like a giant plus in Laura's favor. Tyra adds that Laura's picture is her most vulnerable and most beautiful yet.

Next is Kyle, and Beverly commends her for having her old waistline. She likes the photo overall, and says that Kyle's eyes are extraordinary. Cutrone adds that she sees a model. Then there's perfect Azmarie. Oh dude, the photo is so good. Beverly says that it's hot and original. Cutorne throws some adjectives into the mix, saying that the photo is smoldering hot and boiling hot. She loves it. Tyra interprets the picture as Azmarie asking the boys if they want a piece of her hot, maple booty. I somehow doubt that was Azmarie's intent. Next is Seymone, and Nigel thinks that she has the best close-up in the face. Beverly says that Seymone knows her body, and adds that she loves the photograph. Raves all around! Then there's Eboni, who of course tied with Sophie for the most bookings. Before the photo even comes up, Tyra says that she hopes it's not too sexual because Eboni is supposed to be a sweet 30-Never. Eboni looks worried. The photo is indeed sexual, but still gets raves from the judges. Nigel loves it, and Cutrone explains that she's Matisse-esque. There's a word for that in French that sounds better, but I can't figure out how to spell it. Sorry, Francophiles! Tyra thinks that the photo is slamming, too, because she's thrown in a shot of pureness with her sexuality.

The judges deliberate. Cutrone thinks that Sophie's shot isn't her best, but it's far better than some of the others. Nigel wonders if "good" cuts it if you want to become America's Next Top Model. However, Beverly argues that she has something special if she booked four out of eight shows. Alisha has not been doing it for Cutrone, who wants to see her bust out with the wild and amazing-ness that she suspects Alisha has inside. Beverly says that Alisha is not very creative in her photo. Catherine's eyes are telling a story, and her photo would be a genius eye makeup campaign. Cutrone thinks that Catherine's mind is creating a lot of mayhem, and right now she's showing more mind than modeling. Nigel concurs that Catherine was a wretched mess at panel. Ashley is still a bit frightened according to Nigel, and fear is not going to sell gallons of maple syrup. Cutrone doesn't know what she'd do with Ashley's shot, and doesn't know of a magazine where it would be featured.

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