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After a commercial break, it's panel time! Tyra deems it "interesting" that there are five Brits and five Yanks, which gives a lot of perspective on how she tries to keep this show "interesting" after eighteen seasons. There are prizes, there are judges. Supermodel of the ages Beverly Johnson is the guest judge. She is still so fly, if pulled a little tight. Alisha is up first for evaluation. Cutrone wants her to model more, and says that she has a potential to do something major but isn't yet connecting. Nigel wants Alisha to use her angles, play around, and have fun. I have to agree with them here -- I think Alisha's one of the more stunning girls left, but she hasn't quite nailed anything like you want her to. Then there's Sophie, who gets kudos for booking 50% of her go-sees. Nigel loves her piercing eyes in her photo, and Beverly loves that it's high fashion and not overly sexual. Tyra, however, wants a little bit more. Overall, though, a good critique.

Then there's Catherine. She admits that her go-see performance was awful, and starts crying as she explains that she has a pretty good walk but the designers all wanted the girls to be like hangers. Cutrone asks her if she's being honest about her walk, and Catherine says that she's practicing it always. Things start looking up when the judges see Catherine's photo. Nigel says it's his favorite so far (which might not actually be that big of a deal since he's only seen two others), and likes her sincerity. Cutrone notes that Catherine looks a little broken in front of her, but the photo is great, and that it's important to have her head in the right place and make sure that her feet follow. Tyra says that Catherine is smizing through her soul, and also through her forehead, and also the back of her head. I don't know what all that means, but let's assume that Catherine did a good job.

Ashley is up next, and tells the judges that the designers all said that her walk is quite hippy. Nigel seems to like her photo, but tells Ashley to remove her ever-present fear, which comes through even on film. Cutrone loves Ashley's personality, but says it's not enough, and then compares her photo to someone from an elf tribe who lost her clan. That... is not good. Beverly, however, loves Ashley's eyes and expression. Tyra seems more positive about the photo as well. The final Brit up for evaluation is Annaliese. The judges love her animalistic body language, and Tyra says that her jaw is reminiscent of Beverly. Beverly agrees!

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