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Catherine is up next, and Jay asks if she's managed to hang on to some confidence after this week in the "real" fashion industry. She tells him that she feels like she needs to bring it even more, and adds in an interview that a crap photo could send her home after her spectacular failure in booking any Toronto fashion week jobs. Despite the cold maple syrup, Catherine gets into the zone right away and tells us that she modeled the hell out of that sticky nastiness. Judging from Jay's effusive reaction, it seems that he agrees. Laura is next, and it appears that she's starting to crack. The intensity of the competition has brought up some latent feelings about her friend who died, and she starts crying backstage. She tells us that with things being so busy, she's only had waves of feeling the loss. It's finally starting to sink in, but she's determined to push past it and not use it as a crutch. Annaliese sweetly wipes her tears and tells her that she's messing up all of the hard work of the makeup artists. To hide any teary remnants, the maple syrup pouring guy dumps a glob right on her eye. Hott. Though Laura isn't feeling in tip top shape, she seems to do a fine job if the photographer's comments can be trusted.

Annaliese is up next, and stretches out over the posing bench, her body glistening with sticky crap. We only get to see her for a minute, so I assume she's fine. Then there's Ashley. She thinks that she'll probably be in the bottom two for not getting cast in any shows, but hopes that a good photo will spare a trip back to the land of the Haggis. Jay notes that the lack of bookings can take the wind of out a girl's sails, or perhaps the syrup out of her bum, but Ashley needs to find the strength within herself prove that she still wants to be in the fashion business. She gets a glob of syrup in the eye, too and certainly pushes forward through that particular pain. After her shoot, Jay asks Ashley if she misses her babies. Ashley gets teary, but shares that her mom has told her kids that the longer she's away, the more she's winning, so they're excited. Fucking Kyle weighs in that this is a competition, and if you have to leave your kids, you have to leave your kids. She seems like the last person who has any right to comment on anything about anyone at this point.

Speaking of Kyle, she's up next. She seems to do fine, even while getting syrup all up in her bangs. Azmarie continues her pattern of absolutely rocking it, so much so that Ashley tells us that she kind of wants to be Azmarie. Is there any beating her, do you think? If they really try to femme her up for Cover Girl, someone else might have a shot. Next up is Seymone, who of course loves having maple syrup poured all over her. I'm surprised she doesn't ask for a side of bacon. Everyone seems to love her posing with syrup dripping from her nose and mouth, and Jay tells her that she nailed it AND a bag of chips. Seymone bounces up and down in excitement, because she thinks she's getting a bag of chips. Jay tells us that this was her best shoot by far. Next we have Eboni. Sophie reminds us that Tyra keeps telling Eboni to be young, fresh, and girly, but Eboni refuses. If Eboni has a sexy shot, Sophie surmises, she's screwed. But not literally, which would be one purpose of such a shot. The cruel irony. And that's a wrap! The girls will head back to Los Angeles for their elimination. Annaliese thinks that Seymone, Catherine and Ashley are in trouble because the booked no shows. Since Catherine and Seymone seemed to excel on the shoot, this makes me worry for Ashley.

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