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When we return, Laura is disappointed but says she's learned a lesson about not letting the pressure get to her. She vows to only get better. We switch from this lovely attitude to Seymone's stankness. Of course, she's not happy about having no shows to walk in. Laura wants her to realize that rejection is a fact of life, and get over it. Jay talks to Seymone and tells her that a spark was missing in the catwalk castings, and that sitting in the corner and pouting all night isn't going to help her any. In response, Seymone pouts. She also dully and unconvincingly resolves to kick butt at her photo shoot.

The shows start, and we see Eboni and Sophie walking for Unttld. There's then a montage of the various shows, including Azmarie closing the show for Triarchy. There is frenzy backstage, and then more walking. Sophie tells us that Eboni looks very serious when she walks, and quite possibly is not ready for all this modeling stuff. Catherine, meanwhile, is still having a sad. She loves the catwalk, and wants to be involved. And then it's Pink Tartan time, and Sophie is now the only girl to walk. She looks super cute, and crazy designer Kim seems to like her quite a bit. And then it's time for the Jay Manuel show. The clothes, everybody. The girls talk up how gorgeous they are, because that's what they're paid (or not paid) to do. With the shows over, Jay tells the girls that the international press and fashion editors of the world are in attendance. After all, Anna Wintour is very, very interested in what Canadian Sears is putting out these days!

The girls head back to their lovely giant hotel penthouse and scrub off their makeup. Catherine tells Azmarie that she was amazing, and stood out among all the other girls. Do you think Catherine is trying to get into Azmarie's pants? The answer to this question is always yes. Azmarie tells us that it took a while for her to develop her confidence. She came out to her parents when she was fourteen, and her mother didn't react so well for some time. Now that Azmarie is modeling, she hopes that her mother can see some of her hopes for her little girl realized, even if it is in an Androgenia-ous context. With that, there is Tyra Mail! "Sticky and sweet and oh so delicious! Fierce and Love, Tyra." The girls think that they'll either be posing with candy, or covered with something. Ashley is still very sad about her lack of casting success, and tells us that she doesn't want to go home. Not only is she having a good time and learning some things about modeling (negligible, I'd think), but she also wants to make her adorable little kids proud. On this sad note, we head to commercials.

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