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There are a total of eight designers, including Jay, who may possibly book them for shows happening tonight. The girls first head to a casting for Pink Tartan and walk, trying not to swing their hips per the designer's instruction. Kyle, Laura, and Sophie get high marks and are cast in the show. Seymone starts pouting already about how she doesn't want to partake in any fashion week fun if she's not cast, and Annaliese says that being with Seymone is like babysitting a five year old with giant boobs. The ladies move on to a casting for six designers who are part of the Toronto Start Up Show. Hans Koechling is the casting director, and the six designers are in the room as well. The girls walk again, and Catherine tells us that Laura walks like she has something stuck up her bum. We also learn the shocking fact that Annaliese is only 5'7". She tells the designers that she makes up for it in personality, which gets a laugh. Azmarie, Annaliese, Alisha, Sophie and Eboni are held, and then evaluated and booked by individual designers. Eboni takes the lead by booking four shows, and takes this opportunity to segue into her rough childhood again. It turns out she had to sleep on a blow-up mattress in her grandmother's attic. Uncomfortable sleeping scenarios are the new retinitis pigmentosa.

Meanwhile, Ashley, Seymone and Catherine have booked zero shows. They have one final chance to impress Mr. Jay Manuel himself, along with his associates George Antonopoulos and Cynthia Florek. The walking occurs. Jay tells us that Seymone is gorgeous and looks great in his clothes, and he'd really like to use her on the runway. The only problem is that her walk sucks. Azmarie compares Catherine to a wobbling penguin, which might explain why she's been cast in zero shows. Ashley is determined to book the show, but then compares her own walk to Bambi on ice. I do feel bad for the poor thing, but maybe her Charismia will get her through. Jay announces that they've decided to book four girls: Laura, Kyle, Azmarie, and Sophie. Sophie has now tied with Eboni for four shows, and the girls with no castings get to sink into an annihilating depression.

In their car en route to their shows, the Brits talk about Seymone's rancid attitude. Perhaps they don't understand the longstanding tradition of stankery that has infused America's Next Top Model since its inception. Alisha says that if Seymone had a more positive attitude, people might actually want to book her. With no further ado, the girls are in the fashion week tents, and it's four hours until they hit the runway. Sophie, Laura and Kyle have a rehearsal for Pink Tartan, and Laura tells us that her walk went to shit when the nerves hit. To boost their confidence, Pink Tartan designer Kim Newport-Mimran tells them that they need more practice on the runway, and in fact can wreck the show. She decides to cut Kyle and Laura, and tells us that they have potential but no confidence. As Laura worries that the judges might hear this sad tale and send her home, we head to commercials.

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