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Previously on America's Next Top Model: Toccara quizzed the girls aboard the Fab Bus, and Simone came away with the prize at a go-see. There was a dance-themed photo shoot, and it was the last days of disco for Ren, who didn't want to be on this show anyway except to get her mom to love her. Ten bitches remain!

The girls head out of judging in their giant limo, and we're reminded that Brenda landed in the bottom two last week when she couldn't pull out a good "African dance" photo. What we didn't see, however, is that Tyra told Brenda that yet another transformation was going to take place. Brenda's prize for not being able to rock her "edgy" look is to get an "edgier" look. And, whoa. Brenda has already received her makeover in her interview, and it looks like what would happen if Sally Hershberger gave you a Mohawk with hedgetrimmers. Just when you thought she couldn't get any more tragic! Brenda tells us she's having a crisis. I don't blame her. She had really pretty hair before, and now she looks like her head got stuck in a garbage disposal.

There's Tyra Mail in the limo! "when things don't go ur way, sometimes u need 2 improvise. Luv, Tyra." Anslee wonders if they'll be going to a comedy club, which might actually be a nice change from all the unintentional humor we get on a weekly basis. Anslee says she's given up a lot to be in this competition, including being away from her child. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and she's doing it to make a better life for her family. Then there's Simone. She's currently a sophomore at Duke, and tells us that she's started off slightly above average at most things she's done in her life. With modeling, however, she has to work a little bit harder. She thinks this is the time that she needs to stand out and start showing improvement. The thinkers never do well on this show, so really she's just doomed.

The girls head to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where they meet Miss J. He tells them that improv is all about doing things with humor, and "thinking with the quickness." So is recapping! I'm thinking with quickness at lightning pace so I can meet my deadline tonight! Miss J. says that sometimes you have to think with the quickness while modeling. He tells the girls to look, watch, and learn because they'll need the skills they're about to learn in their next photo shoot. Anslee says that improv has a lot to do with modeling, because every time you step in front of a camera you're interpreting something. You can't do it with words, so you must do it with facial expressions and body language. Naturally symmetrical facial expressions and 110-pound body language, that is.

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