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Previously: Thirteen long, tall girlies came to New York to compete for the chance to become America's Next Top Model. Cycle 14 was filled with thrills -- e.g., vampires -- chills -- e.g. hosed-on colorful perfume in the freezing cold -- and spills -- e.g., one of the greatest moments in top model history, when Alex got bumped off the runway by a giant swinging pendulum. Angelea and Alexandra were eliminated, leaving two girls in the running to become America's Next Top Model.

Will it be Krista, the girl who started at the bottom of the pack, but who snuck up on all of us with her awesomeness and has had the best everything for the last month or so? Krista undoubtedly has a fierce walk and dynamic posing skills, however some of the panel think that she's struggled with her face, which lacks expression. Can she bring a Cover Girl quality to her face in time to take the title? Or will it be sunny, athletic Raina, with her fabulous features and piercing wolf-eyed stare? Raina has been amazing the judges through most of the competition, but has struggled to find her "legs" on the runway and garnered comparisons to a linebacker. Also, she's a huge dork. Can she prove her versatility in time? Let's find out!

Raina and Krista board their bus after panel and celebrate being in the top two. Raina is so proud of herself, and says that her confidence and strong personality have gotten her to the finals. She never thought she would get this far, and to express her surprise exclaims, "Holy schnike!" Krista lies that she was also surprised her name was called. Total BS, but I do appreciate her efforts to remain humble. Krista tells us that she's now more focused than ever. She struggled at the beginning of the competition, and it's exciting for the judges to see her progress. She wants it, and is determined to beat out Raina's Mylanta-loving ass.

Back at the house, the girls speculate on their doubtlessly upcoming Cover Girl commercial. Raina confessionalizes that she's wanted to be America's Next Top Model forever. Her competitive spirit has come from volleyball, she says, noting that she played three years of college volleyball but has put that aside to pursue modeling, which is her passion. Krista says that she's wanted to be America's Next Top Model since 2003, when she was 18 and saw the first show. Krista reminds us that she's tried out for this show around five times. I thought it was, like, twelve? Well, in any case, a bunch of times, and occasionally in terrible wigs. She says that she inherited her fighting spirit from her mom, who was single and raising three girls. Krista knows this is her one and only chance, and she's prepared to take advantage of it because there's nothing else she wants to do. I hope she finds something quick, because even as the winner she has about six months of viable modeling time.

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