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Easy, McKeyzy, Beautiful

Tyra shows the girls their composite commercial. It is easy, breezy, and beautiful enough, and it's McKey's kiss that makes the final cut. We then move on to individual evaluations, starting with Samantha. Her best take has her alternately looking confused, stressed, and psychotic. Nigel tells her that she seemed distracted by herself, and that her take was choppy. Miss J. asks if she spoke Dutch at the beginning. Sam says yes, and Miss J. makes fun of her accent. As someone who characteristically sounds like he's a native of Uranus, he has no room to talk. Tyra comes to Sam's defense, saying that she thought Sam's Dutch accent was good. Addy V.D.K. agrees that the accent was good, but says that Sam wasn't very convincing. She seemed insecure, but looked great. Paulina thinks that Sam's photo is adorable, pretty and charming. However, Miss J. thinks that Sam's smile looks a bit forced. Tyra notes that Sam does not have a modelesque smile, and so needs to get in the mirror and figure it out. Sam gives a forced, unmodelesque smile before returning to her place in line.

Analeigh is up next. The judges watch her best commercial take, and Tyra sings with extra vibrato that the whole thing was "paaaaaiiiiinfuuuuuuullll." Paulina asks what happened and notes that even though she thinks Analeigh is a great little actress, this sucked. Analeigh looks totally devastated. Paulina adds that Analeigh looked gorgeous, but it's cold comfort. Tyra notes that Analeigh had a teleprompter in her first commercial. She knows how to read and be natural, but failed at memorizing and being natural. The judges then look at Analeigh's Cover Girl photo. Paulina thinks it looks like a head shot for an actress. Good call there. Tyra notes that Analeigh did the same thing over and over in her film, and adds that the models do not have to smile in every single frame. Analeigh says that she kept getting feedback that she was too sexy when she closed her lips. I can't imagine Analeigh being too sexy for anything except maybe a guest appearance with the Doodlebops, but let's go with it. Tyra then demonstrates the difference between having closed lips and being sexy, and having closed lips and being not sexy. It's a lot like the difference between smiling with your eyes and not, which is to say that she just looks nuts the whole time. And on that note, how could no one have pointed out that Analeigh looks like she has a floating eye in her picture?

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