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The girls all head off on the boat, and tell us what the story of the commercial is, montage-style. Apparently, it's about three girls who are having fun on a vacation and then spot a cute boy. They don't want to talk to him, so instead decide to go up to him and kiss him. Clearly. And then they have a ménage a quatre on the high seas, and the whole time the lip gloss never budges. No rainbow parties for these girls! That's a quality product!

Sam films her commercial first under the watchful eye of Jay and Cover Girl representative Elyssa Traub. She flounders a bit at first, and Jay tells her not to lose eye contact with the camera, and also to always deliver her lines with confidence and a smile. Jay tells us that Sam is usually the girl who brings a ton of energy to the set, but today it was very apparent that she was holding back. Not good. Sam then has to kiss the random boy, and she says she hopes that he doesn't have herpes. I'm sure new CoverGirl WetSlicks AmazeMint lip gloss has STD-killing properties as well. Like Lysol for your lips! Seriously, did you ever read the back of a can of Lysol? It is at once impressive and terrifying, much like Tyra herself. Sam kisses the boy, and he says, "Amazing." "AmazeMint," she corrects him. And with that, Sam is free to disinfect herself.

McKey is up next. We are reminded that the judges had nothing good to say about her last commercial, and she says that when she got to set she was freaking out like a jitterbug. Let's hope she can put the boom-boom into our hearts. Though she has some trouble with the lines at first, she tells us that after the third take she started getting it a bit more. Jay tells us that McKey got better and sounded good, which is what he was looking for. However, he didn't love how she looked like she was having a mild seizure the whole time. Picky!

Finally we have Analeigh, who has been decked out in big, Dallas-style 80's hair. Jay says, "Take one," and Analeigh quite unfortunately goes completely blank and starts crying. Maybe she got a good look at her bedazzled jean jacket? She tells us that she could see her dreams going down the drain. At least they smell minty fresh. With a feeling of certain doom for our little skater, we head to commercials.

When we return, four takes have not improved Analeigh's performance any. At one point she even calls the product "WetSlacks," which is certainly a Freudian slip since she is obviously pissing herself. Jay just rolls his eyes. Supportive! He tells us that Analeigh was the huge surprise today. She struggled for her lines, was very wooden, and lost her whole bubbly-girl-next-door thing. Jay then feeds her each line, and of course she does better. He says that Analeigh takes direction well, but just doesn't find it for herself. Analeigh has some awkward moments kissing the male model, and Jay takes pity on her and calls it a wrap.

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