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The next morning the girls head to their location where they meet Mr. Jay. He is wearing a shirt that makes you think you cracked your back and are having an acid flashback. This is perhaps why the girls are facing the opposite way and he has to yell, "Behind you!" For the first time in his life, I'm sure. He's psyched, because today they're going to be filming commercials in a little boat that's docked behind him, and shooting a print ad in a nearby building. Both, of course, are for Cover Girl. The winner's photo will be a national ad and a billboard in Times Square, and the winner will also be in Wal-Mart stores across America. Let's hope said winner has some previous experience checking and bagging that she'll be able to put to use. In Analeigh's case maybe they'll just let her be a greeter.

Jay asks if the girls can imagine having that kind of exposure before noting that he knows someone who can. And that person is of course Cycle 10 winner Whitney. Boy am I glad that her plus-sized, New York City-emptying reign of terror is coming to an end. Whitney explains that she's there to introduce new Cover Girl WetSlicks AmazeMint lip gloss. Didn't she already do that a few episodes ago? Anyway, new Cover Girl WetSlicks AmazeMint lip gloss contains Crest peppermint oil which gives you a boost of fresh breath while brightening your smile. Well I guess I can throw away that pesky old toothbrush now! New Cover Girl WetSlicks AmazeMint lip gloss is going to come particularly in handy today, as the girls will have to deliver a scene-stealing kiss at the end of their commercials. They are getting action all over Amsterdam! Jay hopes that each girl has her lines memorized, because they are all going to have to deliver the essence of Cover Girl. Goopy!

The girls get made up backstage and Analeigh notes how good new Cover Girl AmazeMint lip gloss smells. Whitney says that it's not sticky at all, unlike SOME other gross lip glosses. I believe that not one bit, but if Cover Girl would like to send me a case to test I'd be happy to put a neutral lip to the challenge. Analeigh tries to practice her lines on Sutan without much success. She says that she hardy got any sleep last night, because she was having nightmares of Marjorie stealing her lip gloss and painting "Property of Analeigh" all over her naked body, and that though she thought she had all of her lines down they went "poof," like so many ANTM stylists, as soon as she got to hair and makeup. That is a familiar, third-place kind of story.

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