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In any case, McKey is excited. Tyra goes and jumps at her, apparently wanting to be airborne again, but McKey does not take the bait. I'm sure later in the evening after a few white Russians they'll be playing airplane, though. McKey tells us that she was never the little girl who wanted to grow up and be a model. She was a hard-core tomboy who was into soccer, and started modeling when she was 15. Oh wow! Who knew she even modeled at all? They really made it seem like she dropped off of the UFC turnip truck. McKey put all of her competitive spirit into modeling, and wanted it so bad, but it never happened. ANTM was the last stop for her, and luckily it worked out. And I bet she is going to have some whack-ass My Life as a Cover Girl spots. But wait! It's not over! McKey shoots her post-victory photos ASAP, with Nigel as the photographer. She looks kind of crazy and overstimulated, so I hope that worked out okay. Tyra totally makes McKey pick her up again for the benefit of the cameras, then runs out of the room all mock-scared. Tyra gives McKey a few voiced over words of love as we see her final photos, and then reminds us that fame is fleeting and that casting for the next cycle has begun. At least McKey can remain relatively confident that she'll come out on top in the upcoming Battle of the Model Cage Fighters special. Unless Brandy shows up.

And with that, another season has come to a close. Thank you all for reading and I'll see you in the spring! Until then, don't forget your face. Love, Potes.

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