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Then the girls went to Amsterdam and did a shoot on a clipper ship. This was the one where they were decked out in crazy goth pirate clothes. Both were good, but Nigel says that McKey's shot was her best to date. This was the photo in which her legs looked like they were each as long as a football field. Nigel saw the photograph and thought that she was a real model. Sam's face showed passion in her photo, which Nigel appreciated, even though her body looked like a big solid mass. Then the girls did the two-part natural/glam photo with Tyra behind the camera. Both natural shots were great, but Sam's is still Nigel's favorite. She quickly adds that it's her favorite too, even though nobody cares. Everyone on panel thinks that Sam did everything right. McKey's glam photo is perfect for high fashion, and Nigel says it's his favorite of the two. Tyra loves how inventive and communicative McKey was during the shoot. The panel also loves Sam's glam shot, and Paulina says that Sam uses all of her limbs for maximum effect.

And with that, it's time for the judges to deliberate. Nigel says that both girls are sweet, but this is not a personality contest alone. He notes that Sam looks very commercial in person, but didn't deliver a commercial photo on cue. She has shown her mettle on the high-fashion photos, however. Paulina says that Sam presents as a very healthy California girl and photographs like a high fashion model, which is unusual. What you see is not what you get. On McKey's personality, Nigel says that early on in the competition, he didn't see her as a star. Today, he saw a star. There was a powerful glint in her eye on the runway. Was she the most elegant? No, and in fact both girls could stand to practice their walks. Paulina interjects that Sam needs to practice a bit more than McKey does. Miss J. thinks that this is because McKey's height can carry her through. And plus she'll just kick the ass of anyone who says mean stuff about her. Miss J. loves McKey's high-fashion body. Nigel adds that McKey was also able to deliver a good Cover Girl shot. Both girls are tall, linebacker-ish, and sweet, according to Nigel. But only one can be America's Next Top Model, and the judges have made their decision.

The girls return, and Tyra taunts them a bit about how nervous they must be before revealing that America's Next Top Model is...McKey! I think it's because she picked the best pseudonym (after Wholahay, of course). McKey hugs Sam, then goes to hug Tyra. And Tyra is in for a surprise as McKey lifts her off the ground! She really IS strong! Tyra says that that's a first and has to collect herself. She does not like it one bit, as evidenced by her telling McKey to go over and celebrate with the other judges. Tyra asks Sam if she's proud of herself, but all of Sam's pride-thunder is stolen when you can see McKey picking up Nigel in the background! Awesome. Sam exit interviews that this competition has brought out a different side of her. She never saw herself as a pretty girl, which is totally why she decided to enter a modeling competition. Now she does see herself as a pretty girl. Ah, victory. McKey continues to pick up the judges one by one, and in an interesting turn of events, Miss J. seems to be the only one who's able to pick HER up. He wears so much eyeliner and sparkly do-rags that you forget what a big guy he actually is.

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