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Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone is going home. Ondrei talks to a few of the other girls and says that though she wants to be there, she's not actually ready to be there. She interviews that she was unaware of a lot of things when she came into this competition, and she put herself in a position that she wasn't ready for. I bet she means that she didn't think the show would be quite so callous as to exploit a very raw personal tragedy, which makes me wonder if she even owns a TV. Monique, who is really a model of sympathy and kindheartedness, interviews that Ondrei should have had a clue that she couldn't handle this, and should just go because no one wants her to take up a spot when she doesn't want it. As Ondrei considers her options, we head to commercials.

When we return, we are treated to a bit of backstage panel madness, which entails ALT wanting to rip on Tyra's questionable shoe choice but being too polite to do so full-on. Turns out Tyra has a plane to catch and is just getting dressed on set. I don't know why one thing would lead to another in that case, but all right. Also, she tells ALT in no uncertain terms that he should annihilate her for wearing cutesy flats if this ever happens again in the future. I think that's solid advice. The girls enter. There are prizes, there are judges. ALT is still wearing that feather duster thing in his chapeau. Supermodel Alek Wek is the guest judge. She was discovered at a town fair, and remains way too fabulous for her own good and ours.

Tyra announces that the focus this week was on beauty shots, which have nothing to do with being beautiful but are really just shots of your big ol' head. Additionally, the girls were shot with bees, which Nigel says is bee-tiful. Nigel, that would be bee-eautiful. Ondrei is the first to go before the judges. Tyra asks how the shoot was for her. Ondrei admits that it didn't go so well, and that she didn't give her 100% all because she's not 100% herself. She's aware that she's lucky to be there, but doesn't feel right being in the competition when she's going through such a tough time in her life. Ondrei says that she thought she was strong enough to handle it, but she can't right now. She wants to go home. Now, usually when this sort of thing happens, Tyra eviscerates the traitorous girl like an earthworm with her words, but in this case you just can't be mad at poor Ondrei. Nigel tells her that they know her situation is unique, and that she's gone through a tough time, and wishes her luck. Tyra tells everyone that the judges will still evaluate Ondrei's photo. If it's the worst photo of the week there will be no elimination. However, if it's NOT the worst photo of the week, someone else will be sent home. Alexandria acts like she's nice for a minute to win favor with the judges, and then Ondrei leaves.

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