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Monique is first in front of the camera, and tells us that having bees crawl all over you is a really creepy feeling. Bees are totally in her tube top and living it up in her cleavage. I don't know how these girls are getting through this, or how no one gets stung throughout this whole shoot. Jay loves Monique's photos. Kasia is next, working her bee covered earrings. The bees are crawling everywhere, including by her eyes. This can't be good. Sara is next, and Jay says he senses that she's not comfortable in her own skin. Given that her skin is covered in bees, I can't really blame her. Nicole is next and says that she thinks the inner critic exercise will help her with her photo shoot. Sadly for Nicole, even the bees really aren't all that interested in her. They want nothing to do with her face or her boobs. Jay tells us that Nicole's performance was lackluster and boring.

Mikaela is next and seems to perform well under duress. Dominique has pheromone-covered headband upon which bees swarm, making her look like some sort of freckled queen of the damned. She was in the bottom two last week, and so is quite nervous. She tries to relax, which must be hard when you have a headband full of bees. Hannah also gets the headband, and struggles to figure out how to pose. As Jay asks who she drew during the inner critic exercise, Hannah starts to cry. She tells us that she was freaking out. Monique interviews that Hannah was a sobbing mess, crying her eyes out, and was generally pathetic. This display irritated Monique. Imagine how irritated Monique will be when Hannah gets best photo of the week! Jay has a small bee-gasm over the tearful posing.

Next is Alexandria, who would be covered in stings if karma were real. Molly feels pressure since she had the best photo from last week, and so starts off a bit awkwardly. Jay tells her not to try so hard, and she improves. Dalya is next, and tells us that she got into a bee-free zone, mentally. She focuses on trying to pump some life into her dead eyes. Alexandria's assessment is that Dalya was timid at first, which made her look like she didn't know what she was doing. She thinks Dalya is lame, and also self-righteous about chicken, and wants her to go home. Next we have Jaclyn, who asks if she's working with killer bees. Aren't all bees killer bees to her? She seems to do fine, and does not, in fact, die. Nice try though, show. Brittani is next, and Jay tells us that she's a consummate professional. She has intensity, is fearless, and stares at the camera. Basically, she knows how to work it. Then there's poor Ondrei. Jay tells us that Ondrei has a very striking look, but her performance fell totally flat. He tells her that the wall that she worked so hard to let down this week is back up, and it's really disappointing. I say good for her for finding her inner mason and refusing to let these bitches exploit her anymore.

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