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For some reason Eugene starts to pick on Nicole, who looks nervous. He asks if she's a polite young lady who wants everyone to like her and avoids conflict. The answer to all of those questions is: yes. He tells her that acting, performing, and modeling is about having the courage to get into conflict. Alexandria nods, thinking she's got this challenge wrapped up. Eugene asks the girls to think about the one thing they love more than anything in this world. Molly instantly names her parents, and says that it took her a while to realize how awesome they are and how much they've supported her. Meeting her birth mother really solidified her thinking about how good she has it, and made her feel bad for putting her adoptive parents through hell when she was in high school. Molly interviews that she understands why her birth mother put her up for adoption, and is glad that she did, but on some subconscious level the child inside of her doesn't get it. I think she should be glad that she at least has a quasi-tragic tale, albeit one that's not particularly dramatic. It sure is taking up a lot of screen time.

There are easels with chart paper on the stage, and the girls are instructed to draw pictures of their inner critics. Nigel says "drawrings" like Simon in the bathtub. I think we can all safely say that Nigel is a bum-looker. Nicole's inner critic looks just like her, which is to say a big round frowny face with giant eyebrows. Her inner critic, which is to say herself, always tells her that she's never going to be good enough. Nicole's inner critic is going to be totally vindicated at the end of this episode.

Once the drawing session is over, Eugene tells them that it's time to expose their fears. They'll come up on stage, display the drawing, and then face off against their inner critics. The part of each inner critic will be played by one Master Thespian Eugene Buica in the role of a lifetime! The girls are supposed to tell Eugene, in his role as inner critic, why he should go away and stop impeding their progress. Molly is up first, and tells her inner critic to stop thinking that she's unwanted just because her mother gave her away. Eugene Buica, in the role of inner critic slash biological mother, says, "I did give you away." Apparently his acting prowess is much more compelling in person, because Molly cries and tells her inner critic slash biological mother that she had to. She also tells her inner critic, who I think is no longer her biological mother, to go away. Molly understands the point of this exercise, which makes one of us.

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