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Previously on America's Next Top Model: Kortnie's elimination and Celia's subsequent rat-finkery resulted in a model house divided. Teyona yelled at Allison for being part of the tattletale plot, and Allison's eyes got so big they nearly swallowed the rest of her face. The girls had to put their faces through cardboard cutouts of Tyra at a challenge, but the real prize went to whoever got to cut Tyra's face out in the first place. The photo shoot focused on colors, and since Sandra's were neither beautiful like a rainbow nor deliciously bitchy enough to create interest, she was sent home. Eight bitches remain!

We enter with a few girls talking in the kitchen. Natalie really hopes that they'll be shooting a Cover Girl commercial soon. Allison really hopes they won't, unless it's an ad for Cover Girl's new capillary-busting nose infusion, "TruBlood." Last week at panel the judges told Allison that she needed to give more variety in her posing. Natalie notes that she's never seen Allison smile. Allison contends that that's not true, and that in fact Natalie was just so blinded by her teeth that she thought she accidentally stared into the sun. Celia makes a funny ugly smile, and then says it's gotten her where she is today. Oh Celia. Not actually evil!

Meanwhile, there is turkey carcass, which must mean a celebration is taking place. The girls eat a big feast together, presumably for Thanksgiving. There's turkey and pie and London presiding over the evening prayer. I am only sad that there are no paper bag Pilgrim and Indian puppets that the girls can use to act out their conflicts therapeutically. Natalie confessionalizes that she was relaxing for a few minutes. We cut to her lounging on a chair as Teyona asks everyone to please wash their own dishes. Natalie remains in her chair and says, "You're doing a good job, guys." Teyona recounts the incident in an interview, and from her point of view Natalie wanted the others to clean up for her. Teyona states clearly that she's not Natalie's maid, or Alice from The Brady Bunch. She is, however, a little bit Florence from The Jeffersons. Teyona tells Aminat, who is in the kitchen cleaning up with the others, about what Natalie said, and Aminat calls Natalie a bitch. She sarcastically says, "And she wonders why people think she's snobby." Through this all Natalie appears to be wearing a purple denim vest, which frankly does not help her case. Natalie, in her state of relaxation, heard Aminat call her a bitch. She tells us that she was obviously kidding, and then goes to the kitchen. There we see her saying, "I'm sorry I live in a nice community and you don't." Yeah. She continues, "Can I help where I'm from? No. Just like you can't where you're from." However, no matter where you're from, you can generally help being an asshole. This scene is interesting because it appears that Natalie is not talking directly to Aminat, but rather to Fo, in a rhetorical manner. Good choice.

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