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Previously on American Idol: the last time I recapped this show, we'd just gotten rid of Sanjaya. Sanjaya! Wasn't he on the same season as McKibbin and Jasmine Trias? Anyway, the best Top 6 ever got to stick around for two weeks, before getting whittled down to the best Top 4 ever, and now the best Top 3 ever. I like 'em all, so I'll apologize ahead of time for not calling anyone a stupid, spoiled whore or wailing about how I'll never watch this show again. As we see Melinda, Blake, and Jordin at their makeup tables backstage, Ryan Seacrest reminds us that this is the week where they get to visit their hometowns, and I'm sure that will be as tedious as ever. See? I can be bitchy about some things!

Ryan reminds us about the OCD's paradise that is Top 3 week: three contestants singing three songs apiece, with three phone lines per contestant should you wish to vote, and finally three judges who will try and fail to make sense of it all. Simon's aggressively rubbing Paula's back as they're introduced, no doubt in an attempt to get the alcohol to make its way through her bloodstream quicker. Yes, old-school Paula is back this week, as we'll be sadly reminded at every turn. Ryan tells us that the contestants will be singing one judges-chosen song, one chosen by the "producers" (Clive Davis being unable to leave his hyperbaric chamber long enough to pick for himself), and then the final song will be the respective contestant's "favorite song." Whatever that means. The mere fact that Blake doesn't sing a 311 cover of a Mighty Mighty Bosstones song tells us that's probably not an entirely true statement.

First up is Jordin, who we see in Glendale as the mayor fakely receives a fake fax from fake Simon instructing Jordin that her Judge's Choice song will be "Wishing On A Star" by Rose Royce. Jordin isn't really very convincing with her wide-eyed, overly animated "a fax from Simon??" reactions, but then again, neither am I. We're thankfully spirited away from Glendale for the time being and onto the stage, where Jordin meets us with her hair all curly and fabulous. The empire-waisted little number she's got on looks more "nightie" than "dress" on her seven-foot-three frame, but otherwise she's every bit the glamazon she always is. I'm not sure I've ever heard this song before, but I like what Jordin's doing with it. The jazzy arrangement suits her -- I don't think we've seen her perform in this laid-back/cool style since probably "Give Me One Reason" back in the first week of semi-finals. I don't remember being too impressed by this performance on first glance, and even now my socks remain resolutely un-knocked-off, but it's really a very solid rendition. The best Jordin performances manage to both showcase her youth and also make her seem beyond her years, if that makes sense. This performance does that.

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