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The top 10 girls are lined up along the giant staircase as Ryan Seacrest prattles on about how the guys brought it last night, the girls having already done broughten it the week before. Will the girls bring it once again? Will they bring some of it, but not all? Will they intend to bring it but then realize halfway through that they left it on the kitchen counter? These are the ponderings I ponder when I'm not busy wondering how bad things are going to get for Sanjaya Malakar before America just lets him go home already. And also while Ryan Seacrest is giving his boilerplate introduction to the show.

After the credits, Ryan once again mentions how "incredible" the guys were last night, and in the sense that they far exceeded the low bar they set for themselves last week, Ryan's correct. Then we get the chorus line of lady Idol hopefuls: Gina, who is merely a red flash running past the camera. Alaina, who blows a kiss right up into the camera lens and continues to try awfully hard to make us like her. LaKisha, whose face is a straight-up scowl until Ryan calls her name, at which point she flips a switch and is all smiles and waves. Melinda, dressed in a power suit but still too scared to move her arms. Antonella, who's dressed like an Austin Powers Girl Friday. Monstrously tall and awesome Jordin. Slightly less tall but still awesome Stephanie. Spazzy Leslie, who gives the camera a cute flourish. Haley with her hair all curled out to here. And finally Sabrina, who rocks back and points at the camera and silently demands to know why she got no camera time in auditions or Hollywood.

Things between Ryan and the judges seem to be going well today, as Ryan introduces them by actually giving them credit for "discovering" the ten ladies lined up on the balcony. He makes note of Randy's shirt, which is a paisley monstrosity the color of, like, cotton candy ice cream. He declares the pressure to be all on the girls tonight because the boys, as you may have heard, "brought it" last night. Paula, who's not looking quite as awesome as she did on Tuesday but still rather put together and uncrazy, says the girls look gorgeous tonight. Ryan asks Simon some nonsense time-filler question about the "traps" contestants can fall into, and Simon gives a nonsense time-filler answer about "not giving themselves an identity." Folks, we don't have an extra half-hour to fart around with this week; can we get to the performances? Apparently not, as Ryan has to explain the entire concept of the show and how things like voting work for those in the home audience who are on Rumspringa and just discovered the wonders of television and the FOX network.

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