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Semifinalist Round, Part 2 — Guys Perform

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That leaves Devin Velez and Johnny Keyser both hoping for the last spot. Ryan's backstage with the two of them. Johnny's a lot more articulate and together than Devin is, which is good because that's a nice way to be remembered going out. After clips of both of them performing, they stand on stage together as Nicki gives a speech bucking them both up before telling Johnny that he's done, again, meaning Devin's still in it. So that's another ten whittled down to five -- Curtis, Elijah, Charlie, Devin and Paul. And we only have to do this twice more next week.

Check out an interview with Keith Urban, find out what past runner-up Crystal Bowersox thinks of this season and look back at the best and worst judges ever with our friends at Wetpaint.

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