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It's time for Chris Watson, the skinny dude who always wears a big long headscarf in his afro; must be a thing from his hometown of Dover, Delaware. Tonight he's doing "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay," which I didn't know until just now was a total sex song. Or maybe that's just the way he's doing it. His whole outfit matches his black bedazzled headscarf tonight, up to and including his zip-up vest. And he seems to be trying to move like Prince. Sounds good, though. Keith brings up Randy's earlier comment that this is a singing competition and characterizes it more as a "connection competition," saying there are a lot of ways to connect. Would those be called The X Factor? Nicki calls Chris the prettiest man she's ever seen in her life and wants to marry his vibrato. She'll be on his side either way. Randy's R is starting to peel away from his jacket as he complains about how he wanted more vocally. Does he get a bonus if a girl wins this season? Anyway, he was bored. But I think he only thought he knew what boredom was before Mariah started talking. Trust me, we all know now.

Up next is Devin Velez, the live-action Tintin from Chicago. He's singing "Listen," starting out so low that you can tell he's just waiting to get to the big notes. Sure enough, he does better in his midrange, where he switches to Spanish for a verse and coasts to the inevitable big finish. Keith talks about the difference between performers and singers, with Devin being the latter, which he actually means as a compliment, regardless of how the night has been going. Nicki thinks it was smart to sing in Spanish to make himself more marketable to a whole other segment, and adds that she's glad his family was here tonight, which makes it sound like she's all ready to cut him loose. Randy finally heard a performance he liked tonight, loving the Spanish and the key change. Mariah tells Devin to ignore his inner critic, also appreciating the Spanish singing and saying she can't wait for him to get into the studio. Because then he won't be here?

Elijah Liu from the Long Beach auditions is the male equivalent of Shubha Vedhula, at least nomenclature-wise, but nobody says anything about his name. He's half-Mexican and half-Chinese, which makes me want to eat dinner at his house some time. He's also playing up his ladies' man aspect, which I didn't notice until he pointed it out. But he kind of needs it, because his vocal performance is really not that great, fading into a weak falsetto that he tries to downplay with some soulful looks. Keith says it was a good song choice, but it wasn't so great vocally, although he looks like a pop star. Nicki totally has the vapors, saying, "I don't care about that song, you are a super-duper star, little boy." How quickly she forgets Chris Watson. She's ready to sign him now. "NOW!" Randy agrees that they all love him, but it wasn't a great performance tonight. Mariah agrees, and thinks he's a great combination of everything. I think she also wants to have dinner at his house.

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