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Season 13 – Top 13 Revealed

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Ryan tells us who's still remaining, out of the 75,000 people who auditioned: Majesty Rose, Caleb Johnson, Kristen O'Connor, C.J. Harris, Breana Oakley, Emmanuel Zidor, Jena Irene, Sam Woolf, Bria Anai, Sam Woolf, George Lovett, Marrialle Sellars, Dexter Roberts, Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston, Emily Piriz, Malcolm Allen, M.K. Nobilette, Ben Briley, Malaya Watson, and Spencer Lloyd. He makes it seem like it's an elite, but there are some of those people I already can't believe are still on the show. There's a long, unnecessary recap of last night's performance show for the guys, and then after the credits, Ryan comes out tieless, which for him is positively underdressed. Don't worry, when the judges come out, Keith is resplendent in a graphic tee as always. Ryan chats up Jennifer for about five seconds, and even though we've got a whole hour to fill, he almost immediately starts naming people who have earned enough votes to make it to the top 13.

The first one is Malaya Watson, who runs to center stage where Ryan sweeps her up in a full-body hug. Malaya seems to know that there isn't going to be a whole lot happening in the next hour, so she happily does her part to fill it by throwing herself a minor celebration before making her way to one of the thirteen stools waiting upstage. Also moving on is Ben Briley, who doesn't even go near Ryan on his jubilant route to the row of stools. The next name is Emily Piriz, who doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects from Harry's musical slut-shaming of her on Tuesday. Ryan notices that audience members are calling out names, and then calls one out himself: Alex Preston. Ryan is just burning through people here, calling up Jessica Meuse next. And then Dexter Roberts, so it's a good turnout for the country musicians so far. Ryan starts talking like he's going to go to break, but instead he calls up Caleb Johnson, into whose ursine hug Ryan nearly disappears for a moment. Harry gives Ryan props on his quick recovery, because Ryan does know what he's doing after all. The next to be called up is Majesty Rose. Ryan turns to those still waiting, and says that the next person will…find out after the break. Only two top-ten spots and 45 minutes left.

Coming back, Ryan promises that it's going to get "compelling," and names the next person in the top ten: M.K. Nobillette. She gets up shaking her head and smiling like she can't believe it herself. And the last person to hit the top ten is…Sam Woolf. Once again I have underestimated the power of David Gray. Now that ten of the stools have been filled, Ryan heads upstage for a little lightweight interviewing. As Caleb speaks, my son observes, "He reminds me of the guy from School of Rock." I assume he means Mike White. Over at Ryan's right, they're excited about going on tour and how much they love each other. With the possible exception of Jessica Meuse, who just looks embarrassed by it all. I'm starting to think that's her default expression.

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