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Been and Gone

Last night looks a lot tenser in the sped-up version of it played before tonight's credits than it did when it was actually happening. Odd, that.

After the credits, Ryan tells us that there were 72 million votes after last night's show, bringing the series-long total to over six billion. Which means it's only a matter of time until there are more American Idol votes on record than there are human beings on earth. Think NDT will mention that on Cosmos this weekend? The finalists are already in position at the lounge, so Ryan brings out the judges. He jokes around with them a bit before rolling the clip of last night's post-show activities, which included all of them riding away from the auditorium crammed into one stretch SUV. Jena, of course, bitches about Keith pronouncing her name wrong during the show, even though he corrected himself immediately. She's going to need to learn to lighten up about that. They also talk about Harry's reluctance to give standing ovations or even smile unless he really likes a performance, but overall they felt pretty good about their performances. Some of them may feel differently by the end of tonight's show.

Ryan starts calling names with C.J., Dexter and Kevin. There's some kind of snafu in the control room causing the clips of last night's performances to start late. And when they do, we can hear audio of what Ryan Seacrest sounds like talking to the contestants when he thinks he's not on live TV. Turns out it's exactly the way he talks to them when he knows he is. Either he's really like that or he's enough of a pro to know the mic is always live. Actually, it's probably both. The clips include some banal remarks from Randy that add no value at all, but Dexter was the only one to not receive unqualified praise. Caleb is safe, and after watching C.J. and Dexter smile at each other, Ryan says he hates to break them up, so he's not going to -- they're both safe, too. Then Ryan throws it to ads promising a performance from Harry Connick, Jr. that they're going to dedicate to his biggest fan, Munfarid from the Austin auditions. Seems like that's the least they could do for a guy they incessantly showed in the promos being held like a baby, only to eventually cast him aside.

The contestants also spent some time making fun of the judges as well as each other last night during their "audition" tapes, so now we get to hear all of their terrible Australian accents as they impersonate Keith Urban. We come back from that with Ryan and Keith and Jennifer introducing Harry from up in the balcony. Harry's down on the stage, leading a very big band through a medley of his own songs "One Fine Thing" and "Come by Me." The first one is an up-tempo but mellow jazz number that he croons rather uncomfortably into his collar, before sitting down at the piano and kicking off the second one with a little virtuoso barrelhouse and some more energetic singing. Takes some balls to spend weeks sitting in front of the stage telling everyone what they've been doing wrong for weeks, and then get up to show them how it's done. But I think we've seen that Harry is plenty ballsy.

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