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The Top 10's Top 10

We start off with a goofy selfie montage about which the less said the better. Like, I've literally already said more about it than I wanted to. After the credits, the show starts off a little slow and loosey-goosey, with some comments from the judges about all the signs in the audience. Then we learn that tonight's "theme" is that the finalists can any song that's been in the Top 10 from way back in 2011 aallllll the way up to today. They joke around with Ryan about what they were doing when the earthquake hit on Monday morning, and then the 10 emerge from upstage and advance on the audience in that intimidating way they have this season.

There's also a clip of the Top 10 being dragged into Ryan's radio studio to, I guess, practice for early morning radio appearances, which will be tonight's intro-reel theme, apparently. It also serves as a framing device for each finalist's performance, as we start with Ryan interviewing M.K. about her song this week, which is "Fuckin' Perfect" by P!nk. Randy coaches M.K. on how to say the title on air, and M.K. explains the song's message to DJ Ryan and then starts off the performance singing to herself in the mirror. It's nice to hear her singing something with a little more energy, but the unfortunate thing is that it turns out that she usually sings those intimate ballads for a reason, which is that her voice isn't all that up to the other stuff. Like, she's kind of drowned out by the back-up singers. And at one point she misses her cue coming back in. Her hair looks cool, though, with some new red streaks.

Keith starts with that positive aspect of it, then moves on to how she recovered well from the mistake, but needs to work on her performance and dominating the space more. Jennifer liked the part at the beginning where she was singing to the mirror, if you can imagine Jennifer Lopez liking such a thing, but is actually harder on her about how she dealt with her slip. Harry doesn't think this is her best performance, and is in fact wondering what kind of show she could put together. Afterwards, M.K. disagrees, saying that it was one of her strongest performances, until she messed up. Well, if you don't count that, she's probably right.

Dexter talks about the importance of song selection, which just happens to be the one thing he's been acing every week. He's doing "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line, and Randy apparently spent some time working on his diction and accent with him. His hair continues to improve every week, and for once he's forgoing the guitar so he's able to work the stage more than he has before. Alas, the song isn't all that demanding, consisting of about three or four notes in a medium tempo. Middle of the road in every way, in fact. Jennifer remarks that the nice thing about Top 10 songs is that everyone knows them, so Dexter could have done more to take advantage of the opportunity to get the crowd involved. "Good job," she concludes anyway. Harry didn't think it was as good, because anybody could have done what he did with it. This time Jennifer leads the boos against him. Keith maintains that it was a great song choice, and liked that he did something different with it at the beginning. I have to take his word for it on that. Keith lays it out: "Your talent shows me what you can do, but your artistry tells me who you are." He just needs a little more artistry then, I guess.

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