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Season 13, Hollywood Round Week #3

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Before the credits, Ryan tells us how the judges filled 17 spots in the Top 30 during last night's two-hour show. They'd better snap it up for this last hour if they're going to finish up. We're picking up where we left off, with Casey Thrasher and C.J. Harris waiting to hear which one of them got the Alabama country boy spot. Harry gently breaks the news to Casey that it's him. And then he has to turn to C.J. and tell him what C.J. has no doubt figured out already: that he got a spot too. WHAAAT? Okay, forget what I said before; I don't want the Top 30 getting filled up this quickly if it's going to happen like that.

The stress is beginning to tell on Marielle Sellars, who freaks out when someone reminds her that MK made it, meaning there's one less spot for her than she thought. Fortunately, the very first contestant we saw this season doesn't have to wait much longer, as Ryan calls her up next. We see that Marielle sang "Wrecking Ball" during yesterday's solo round, as if to underscore her resemblance to Miley Cyrus. She comes into the judgment room with the TV making her striped dress look like a portal to another dimension. Harry recalls how they had her tell the camera at her first audition that she's the next American Idol, but they've gone back and forth on her since then, as she's shown some inconsistency in Hollywood. Marielle promises to bring it every time from now on, and Harry busts her on her presumption and then tells her it's accurate because she's staying. Marielle's reaction to this is to forget how to breathe. Which is unfortunate, because that's a skill she's going to need going forward in this competition, I would think.

We come back from the ads and it's only 1:00 PM in Hollywood. Seems like longer, and I'm not even there. Jena Ascuitto is heading up next, and she spends most of the time correcting everyone that her name is pronounced "Gina" and not "Jenna." Harry says he's just going to come right out and tell her the news, but before we hear what it is, we get to hear Jena singing her original song at the piano yesterday and doing pretty well. Back in the judgment room, Harry comes right out and tells her that she's in the Top 15. Not only that, he dubs her the "sleeper." Jena's more flattered by this than worried about how that turned out for Angie Miller last year. That is, after she understands that it wasn't a reference to how she took a nap today. Rejoining her mom outside, she barely takes a moment to celebrate before turning to the camera and severely reminding the world, "It's Gina. Not Jenna." Aw, America's going to love her.

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