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The final performance of the night will be Jena, who talks about how different Hollywood is from her old daily routine as a high school student and part-time employee at a Greek restaurant. She's singing "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence, which is one of those songs that falls squarely in my guilty pleasure zone. It's also a great match for Jena's voice, which remains powerful and roof-blasting and more than meets the demands of the song. It's also nice to see someone actually interacting with the band onstage, too. One would have thought that it would have occurred to more contestants to do that. Caleb, at the very least. Harry tells her that he said Caleb would be tough to follow, but she just followed him. Harry liked everything about it and says it was really strong. Keith appreciates how she delivers every time and she's got her own thing that no one else does, which is true. Jennifer agrees that she sounds phenomenal, but would have liked to see her a little messier rather than fixing her hair during the performance. Keith and Harry start chanting for Jennifer to do another hair-flip until she says something that necessitates the guys in the booth hitting the mute button for a second. Ryan asks Jena if she was worried about following Caleb, and she freely admits, "I was crapping my pants," and allows that she would love to duet with him. The rest of the finalists are called onstage so Ryan can grub for some more votes on their behalf and replay the hilarious clip from earlier tonight of Harry stealing his shoe. Don't worry, he got it back a while ago. I apologize if you've been worried all this time.

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