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Dexter talks about all the various activities he's into back in Fayette, from farming to lifeguarding to training dogs, and then he sings "Boondocks" by Little Big Town. He's still unassailably solid, which has never been his problem, but more than any other performer tonight he blends in with the band and the background. Despite Keith's singing along and chair-dancing, even. Harry starts out by relating to how much he always hated fixing the tractor like we saw Dexter doing in the intro reel, and then goes on to singing the same old song about how Dexter is failing to make these big arena anthems his own. Keith decides to try cheering Harry up by giving him a gummy bear the size of an entire box of gummy bears, which totally derails the proceedings for awhile as first Harry and then Jennifer each take a bite. Keith gets Harry's point, but says this would have been a hit if Dexter had sung it first instead of the band that did. And if pigs could fly, nobody would go outside. Jennifer gets how Dexter has his thing that everyone loves, but suggests he might want to try something different once in a while. Ryan asks if he plans to do that, and Dexter tells him he can. And then we spend even more time kidding around about the damn gummy bear.

Malaya is next, and of course we get to see footage of her being a big goofball in high school, marching with her tuba and ripping her pants at a performance as Chaka Khan. Her band song is "The Long and Winding Road," which is probably my least favorite of the Beatles' forays into easy listening. So maybe my perception of the performance is colored a bit by that, but it seems like Malaya has taken the advice to dial it back so seriously that she's going to try putting us to sleep. It picks up at the end, though, as she shows off her pipes with some self-added high notes. Keith appreciated how she showed off her voice and goes on about how her vibrato showed us all her personality and her spirit. Is he just bullshitting when he says stuff like that? Jennifer compares this to her headbanging at the group sing earlier tonight, and says that her vocal tonight was almost like that of a young Michael Jackson. Harry struggles around a piece of gummy bear stuck in his teeth as he says that Malaya is the one who is most consistently improving. He tells her to forget about stardom and work on her craft, because if she does that the stardom will happen. She talks at length to Ryan about how she wasn't expecting to be working this hard for a few more years, and Ryan reminds her that if you find something you love it isn't work. Ryan Seacrest must love a lot of things.

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