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He finishes up with some jazzy little breaks and runs, and the show has begun. Keith starts off the comments by saying he likes how Alex has his thing, but he'd like to see a little more edge from him, at least vocally. Jennifer thought Alex's version sucked the energy out of the song, though she did like the very end. Harry says they could all relate to the story about losing his lyrics (which has also happened in our house, as a result of a crashed hard drive), and says that although he likes the way Alex has his feet firmly planted in the competition, he wishes they were less firmly planted on the same part of the stage all the time. I'm not sure what Alex is supposed to do about that, because his other choices are performing without his guitar and performing with a headset microphone, and both of those seem even less likely than Alex wearing his pants like a grown-ass man.

Speaking of which, Ryan comes out and teases Harry about wanting to get a better look at Alex's ankles, and when Harry asks to see Ryan's, then Ryan obligingly hikes up his suit pants ant takes off one shoe. Which Harry promptly runs up and steals. "I'm short without my shoes on," Ryan complains. Then he gets back to interviewing his contestant, until Harry returns empty-handed for even further disruption. We almost didn't learn about how Alex writes down lyrics of all his performance songs in a notebook. Maybe he should get one that attaches with a chain. After the ads, Alex talks backstage about putting his own spin on a song and hopes the judges respected his artistry even though they didn't really get it. Yikes. That'll go over well.

Ryan asks to borrow Jennifer's pedicurist (who is, of course, on-site) before introducing the clip of Majesty talking about working at her preschool in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She's doing "Shake it Out" by Florence + The Machine, and it's nice to hear someone actually sing that song on one of these shows rather than just hearing it used as the score for a triumphant moment. She's rocking the unconventional combo of white pinstriped romper, pocket square, and tambourine, and her voice is about 90% of where it needs to be. But she makes up for it by hitting a large majority of the notes. Jennifer loves the performance, even though she says it was all over the place vocally. Harry thinks back to her first day and how he's been waiting for her to connect ever since. He thinks she's close to breaking through, but maybe her musical diversity is holding her back. He also liked the performance and the arrangement. Keith approves of the song choice, showing off her range as it did, and tells her she has everything she needs but that the crowd and the adrenalin kind of make it so she needs to center herself more. She tells Ryan that it felt good to be out with the band. After the ads, she's still pretty giddy about how into it the crowd was, so she's pretty proud of herself. Maybe she shouldn't watch it back later then adjust enjoy this moment for what it is.

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