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There's no overly dramatic pre-credits sequence tonight. Well, there is, but in a different way. Instead of crazy editing and titles, it's just a slice-of-life moment of Jimmy Iovine in the studio's control room while Janelle is in the recording booth. Only Jimmy can't hear her. As the Godfather theme cues up, Jimmy explains to the hapless recording engineer about the scores of other assistants he once fired for not being able to hear people in the booth. "Do we understand each other?" he asks. They do. Fortunately for the assistant, they can also understand Janelle a second later. "Put that in your fucking show," Jimmy cackles. And clearly someone was too terrified to disobey.

After the entrance of the judges and Ryan and a glimpse at the top nine, Ryan promises performances by Jessica Sanchez, Casey Abrams, and also maybe some results. But first, time for Jimmy's weekly truth-bomb. Jimmy starts his clip package by complaining that the judges were too positive across the board. I bet Lazaro and Paul wouldn't agree. Jimmy does think Kree is great, but needs to dial it back a bit once in a while. He also liked Burnell's tone, but isn't happy about the lack of preparation shown by, you know, not knowing Beatles songs. And I mean, nobody expects everyone to know "Savoy Truffle" or whatever, but if there are ten Beatles songs that every English-speaking aspiring pop musician should know, "Let it Be" is probably two of them.

Jimmy declares Lazaro the worst of the week, and busts him for claiming to Ryan last night that he learned the song the night before when Jimmy worked with him on it back on Saturday. As for Amber, Jimmy says that she picked "She's Leaving Home" on her own, probably because of the lyrics (and probably because everything else she would have chosen was off the table for one reason or another), and thinks it was wonderful. He thought Candace gave the best performance of the night, and wants her to keep doing what she's doing. He still thinks Paul has a really good voice but isn't ready for prime time, and thinks he'll be in the bottom three. Comfy out on that limb, Jimmy? He says Angie has the recent high-school grad's tendency to overdramatize, but could still win if they fix it. He ranks Devin in the middle of the pack, saying he needs to work on delivery and consistency. And he thought Janelle made a great song choice and has "explosive restraint," whatever that means.

Time to start some results. Ryan has Amber stand up, and plays back some video of her in rehearsal attempting to negotiate the fog-covered staircase, which the stagehands "fixed" to make a fog-covered Amber instead. Ryan tells her that America voted, and her results are... something she's going to have to wait a while longer for. Which probably puts her in the middle third, right?

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