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Season 12: First Results Show

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Ryan tells us it's going to be a jam-packed hour tonight, and by the standards of American Idol results shows that may well be true. He walks along the line of the top ten, saying that even though one of them is going home tonight, the other nine will have a chance to taste "quadruple platinum success, something this dude knows all about." For at the end of the line is none other than Phillip Phillips Jr., mugging at Ryan and trying to throw him off as though they were never apart. If only Heejun were here, we'd have ourselves a reunion.

Tonight the judges are introduced by name as they enter, all four of them this time, and there's the old-school Hawaii Five-O long zoom in on Ryan's face as he follows them onstage. He reminds us that Phil is back to play tonight, plus Bon Jovi is performing and there'll be a sing-off between the runner-up guy and the runner-up girl to determine which of them will be joining the tour this summer. Oh, and someone's getting the boot, in case anyone's interested in that. Ryan cues a tape of Jimmy Iovine's comments about last night's show. It starts with him immediately addressing the elephant in the room, which is that the girls are kicking the guys' asses. For instance, interspersed with clips of last night's performances and comments from the judges, he agrees with Randy that Curtis Finch, Jr, needs to branch out a little bit, he's totally sold on Janelle Arthur and that he didn't love Devin Velez's performance last night. He declares Angie Miller a real talent especially when she sings her own songs, but while her "I Surrender" was good last night, it wasn't as great as the judges thought. He thinks Paul Jolley is more pop than country and not all that great on top of it. As for Candice Glover, he says that her performance last night is what music us supposed to be and she won the night. So it's not oversinging if you can pull it off. Jimmy is aware that Nicki called him out last night for his treatment of Lazaro, but Jimmy now says what he gave Lazaro was a bubble bath and the kid's going to need to learn to take criticism. Jimmy declares Kree one of the few competitors who can actually pick their own songs and puts her in his top three. Jimmy says Burnell was the best of last night's guys and also puts Amber in his top three. So I think we all know who Jimmy's favorites were.

After that, Ryan comes back and announces that they'll be revealing the top three for the first time... because that worked so great on The X Factor last fall. At least they won't be revealing the actual rankings. He gives the order to dim the lights -- which they do -- and gets right into it. Turning to the finalists assembled on the bleacher-couches, he asks Devin to stand up and tells him that he scored 25% of the Puerto Rican vote, making him the island's number-one vote-getter. I guess it's nice that Puerto Ricans get to vote for something. Janelle is told that she won her home state of Tennessee with more than 30% of the vote. Candice scored 42% of the vote from her home state of South Carolina. This is all quite fascinating, except for how it's not. As for the nationwide vote, Ryan says that one of them is in the top three -- and it's Candice. Jimmy Iovine: correct as always.

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