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That's Some Bad Hat, Haley

Oh, and that's another thing I've never been able to figure out about this show. I think that "semifinals" refers to the Top 12 or whatever, and "finals" to the Top Two, but this year they've been saying "finale" and "grand finale" sort of interchangeably, and I don't know that they used "semifinals" once. Perhaps a background in sport would afford some perspective on this question, but alas: There is none.

Tinkle-piano, because it is grim no matter what happens. Fake-cracked and -faded film to illustrate the idea that what we are watching is archival, that somehow it matters and will matter forever. That it is anything but disposal.

Iovine on Haley: "Mmmmmaybe."
Iovine on Lauren: "Prrrrrobably."
Iovine on Scotty: "[Let me just tell you that it involves the word gravitas and, um, leave it at that.]"
Iovine on the finale: "Not to give anything away, but it is not going to be two women."


Seacrest: "I am tickled pink that we're going to find out the Finale Tally. I am also very excited about the voting numbers, as usual. More people voted last night than ever voted on other than a finale."
Which is: Wrong. A bunch of wily trailer girls with burner phones does not equal more people. Kind of it equals less.

Last week they took the Top Four kids to Santa Monica to meet JJ Abrams, it would seem. James Durbin tied a little something 'round his neck, so he would look like James Durbin. He put on his Durbin costume, for his meeting with Dharma. Abrams is wicked awkward, which I don't know if that's his thing. I just think he has a beautiful nose and I liked Alias and Dr. Juliet Burke and I enjoy Fringe a great deal, that's all I know.

Abrams: "You know how Spielberg likes to make movies about nerdy kid filmmakers over and over?"
Kids: "Nope."
Abrams: "Okay, let's just go be a commercial for Super 8."

So they do. But they don't even get to watch the whole movie, because it's Bad Robot and he put things in their brains so that if they even talk about what they did see, he will know about it. The cooler part is that he gives them Super-8s to film themselves going home for their visits/shame, and so everything looks all retro and sexy and Lomo whatever. Durbin probably will become famous in this way.


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