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The (Almost) Final Cut

When Ryan hints that we're about to see "the emotional conclusion of Adam Brock's journey," that seems like a bit of a giveaway. We rejoin him at 6:00, waiting for the judges to tell him what's going on already. We get a replay of his emotional, if not entirely sensical, speech from last night about how he needs to sing. "I love to watch a man cry," Steven says before finally, reluctantly, telling him he's going through. Adam falls right out of his chair with emotion, hugs them all, and shows them the picture of his daughter on his phone that put him in this state to belong with. It doesn't seem to have the same effect on them, oddly. Then he gets to call home to break the bad news that he's not coming home yet. No, actually, both he and his wife are both really excited, and Adam wants her to tell their daughter that she'll see him on TV. He's pretty modest if he thinks this will be the first time.

Jeremy Rosado is up for one of the remaining nine spots in the Top 24. We're reminded of his position in the Brat Pack that includes Eben Franckewitz and David Leathers, Jr. and dates all the way back to Savannah. For his final judgment song he did a ballad that seemed to give all three judges goose bumps and got all three of them on her feet, Jennifer nearly jumping out of her skirt at the end (not that that would have been hard). Today, Jennifer gives Jeremy props for giving other competitors standing ovations all through the competition, which sounds like a nice thing to say to someone you're about to cut loose. But then she adds that his performance yesterday was "transcendental." He's in the Top 24. "Who says nice guys finish last?" Ryan asks. Hey, there are a still a lot of opportunities to come in last.

The judges still seem to be taking their sweet time, as it's now 6:45, meaning it took three quarters of an hour to tell two people yes. Meanwhile, the remaining eighteen people in there would probably be fretting about getting one of the remaining eight spots in the Top 24 even if they hadn't been stewing in there all day, which they have.

One of them is Shannon Magrane, the sixteen-year-old who forgot her lyrics in the initial group round but blew the judges away with "What a Wonderful World" during the final Hollywood round, and also seems to have done a great job yesterday (or is it now the day before yesterday?) with "The Trouble With Love." She comes and sits down with the judges on the edge of the chair, but the real drama is backstage, as Ryan talks to Shannon's mom and baseball-player dad and brings up Steven's inappropriate comment at the Savannah auditions. "Hot, humid, and happening," Ryan quotes back to them. They seem to be cool with it now, though. Out onstage, Steven tells her she's in the Top 24, and she wriggles backstage promising not to let them down. "Does your daddy still hate me?" Steven mock-whines. Well, he's not coming out onstage after Shannon breaks the news to give him a man-hug.

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