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Boston to Austin

When we come back, a mariachi named Jacob Flores from Hot Springs, Arkansas is chatting with the judges while improvising a musical score for the whole scene on his Spanish guitar. That's our intro to the auditions having moved to Austin, Texas. Keith has dressed for the occasion in a "Keep Austin Weird" shirt. Durann Cree, 17, shows up in front of the judges and does "Cupid's Got a Shotgun" by Carrie Underwood. Harry recognizes her as a big fish in a little pond, but AI is a pretty big pond. Jennifer gives her a yes and Harry a reluctant no. And Keith? Well, when Durann comes out of the room wiping away tears, we can guess how it went down.

And some more people go down in rapid succession, and some more go on. Then we're reminded of the existence of the Chamber, which Ryan tries on for size himself (he fits in there easily, by the way). We then met Savion Wright, 21, from Jasper, Texas. He's been trying to get here for eight years and his sad backstory is his ADHD diagnosis, which his guitar helped with more than anything else. Savion tells Harry he's been listening to his music since he was ten, and Harry asks if Savion knows who he is. Of course Savion does, and he says so. "No, I am Chris Isaak," Harry claims. Savion offers up an original, which is energetic and melodic and everything Sam Atherton's original song wasn't. Harry warns him that the other contestants are going to be intimidated by him, which is not terrible news. They vote, and give him some joking "no"s before telling him he's in. Jennifer even gets up from the table to bring him his ticket. So now Savion can happily go home and listen to all of his Chris Isaak records.

Harry and Keith clown around on their cell phones a bit, pretending to speak while in the same room. Keith admits that he's holding his phone upside down. "Well, you are Australian," Harry says, which explains everything. And then we meet Terrica Curry, 20, who has two moms. One of them is her godmother, so don't get too excited. Justin Fira is like a Native American Jason Mraz who parks cars for a living, and Shelby Comley, 15, sings "Delta Dawn" because her dad is an actual cowboy. All three of them make it through, and Ryan tries to hoist Shelby's cowboy dad off the floor, almost immediately dropping him. Ryan's theme tonight is either "failed feats of athleticism" or "let's see what my insurance covers."

Up next is Madelyn Patterson, an obviously southern girl who sings "Up to the Mountain," going right to the belting early on. Jennifer is blown away, and Harry invites her to keep singing, but Jennifer would rather just vote. Keith and Jennifer both give her an unreserved yes, but Harry warns Madelyn that "some people on this panel are very easily impressed by licks." He tries to go on, but Jennifer's already handing over the ticket, so Harry tells her she'll hear his advice in Hollywood. After Madelyn runs out screaming, Jennifer takes Harry to task, and Harry busts them for going "ooh" every time someone sings a "lick." And the editors back him up on that, exactly as he just asked them to. Like Madelyn gives half a crap right now.

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