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Last Ten Standing

There are eleven finalists with one common dream a lifetime in the making, according to the pre-credit titles. And they all have baby pictures, too. But, the titles add, "One dream will end." The dream of some lazy titles writer, I hope.

Out come the judges, each of them wearing a different form of Christmas giftwrapping (Randy in red plaid, Steven in red and black, Jennifer in a gold sheath with big stars on it). Ryan comes out onstage to remind us that Jermaine was eliminated last night, tonight will have performances by Daughtry and Demi Lovato, and there'll be the "outcome" of tonight's vote, although he doesn't say whether anything will be done about it. The top eleven are out on the stage on their bleacher-couches, but the most urgent order of business is to show the photos from Jennifer's new spread in Vogue. Jennifer adds that she also has a new single and video coming out March 29, because she knows we've all been looking forward to that.

Then we learn that Tommy Hilfiger is going to be the show's new "image advisor." He's on video talking about his "rock star cool brand" before going on about style and image and all that other stuff that real music fans don't care about, maaaan. But it'll be good to have a name to attach to some of the contestants' more ridiculous outfits from now on.

Coming back, Ryan reminds us that the Top Eleven are waiting to hear which one of them gets axed tonight and thus cut from the Top Ten tour -- provided, of course, the judges don't use the "Save" that they're allowed to use once in the season up until the top five. When did this show get so complicated? After this week's embarrassing music video, which features the Top 12 (including Jermaine) acting like ghosts and ghost hunters in a haunted house, Ryan calls the following to the front: Phillip, Skylar, Elise and Joshua. Four safe people?

During the clips from last night of Phil's performance and judge feedback, Jimmy gives credit for playing hurt, just days after kidney stone surgery. He should have surgery every week and he'll skate right through. Jimmy maintains that the song Skylar chose wasn't the best one for her, but thinks she'll do better next week. He goes on and on about how great Elise was, and then we see clips of Joshua passing out his crawfish after the show last night. Speaking of Joshua, Jimmy was also really impressed with him, saying it was his turn to have the big moment Jessica had last week, but he's expecting a third frontrunner next week.

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