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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

Suddenly, we're whisked off into flashback-land, where Jude has yet to become a nun. She's still partial to that scarlet color, as she's wearing a red dress and singing torch songs in a lounge full of soldiers on leave. I'm not sure how long ago this is supposed to be. What war are these soldiers fighting? There has been NO effort to make Jessica Lange look even one day younger than she does in 1964, I can say that. But she's clearly been a nun for more than a year or two, right? I'm so confused. Maybe we switched over to Grey Gardens and this is Big Edie during HER younger days. Singer Jude dances and propositions the boys and throws some drinks back and gets progressively sloppier. In the present, these memories are obviously painful for Sister Jude, because she tries to pray them away. "Tell me about the little girl in blue, Judy," the demon taunts. Which queues up another flashback from later that night. Jude, drunk as a skunk and driving home, fiddling with the radio knobs, and concentrating on her cigarette, and not paying attention to the road at all until she slams into a little girl and knocks her clean over the top of the car. She looks back, but that girl is either already dead or about to be. So Jude's got a Laura Bush past, huh? Sister Jude looks back at Jed's bed and sees that girl, accusing her of not even bother to get out of the car. Then Jed's back, with the demon screaming "MURDERER!" at her. Sister Jude finally snaps and screams for the demon to shut up and starts slapping at him in a rage. Howard and Thredson rush in to pull her off, as the demon calls to the Monsignor, "It's you she thinks of when she touches herself at night!" It's not slander if it's true, Sister. Howard sends Sister Jude back to sit with the parents, while he returns to the room and calls the demon out in the name of Jesus Christ. Thredson yells that Jed's heart can't take much more of this, as the kid thrashes and screams. The lights flicker off for longer and longer intervals. Finally, Thredson gives the boy an injection of something and all the lights blast out for good. Total power outage.

From her cell, Lana watches her door shake and then all the doors in the ward open at once. I hope this is the demon's work, because if not, Briarcliff has some shit-ass disaster-preparedness protocols. The red emergency lights give the asylum a most sinister glow as the crazies venture out from their holes. Lana and Grace find each other and Lana says this is their chance. She takes Grace by the hand and they run for the tunnel.

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