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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats
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Previously: Adam Levine and Mrs. Channing Tatum went snooping/sexing around in the abandoned Briarcliff Manor asylum and Adam got his arm ripped off for his trouble. Mrs. Channing made a break for it, but she ran directly into the bug-eyed, flesh-masked serial killer known as Bloody Face. (BTW, I haaaate that it's "Bloody Face" and not "Bloodyface," and I can't quite pinpoint why.)

Currently: we pick up right where we left off last week, with Mrs. Channing screaming at the sight of Bloody Face. He stalks her in classic Voorhees fashion, plodding along while she races and yet he's gaining on her somehow. She ends up back at Adam Levine, who by this point has passed out from blood loss. (Like, nice job with that tourniquet, IDIOT.) When rousing him doesn't work, she tries to drag him into one of the many dark and foreboding rooms. But, skinny little twink that Adam may be, he's still too heavy for Mrs. Channing to lug, and Bloody Face catches up with her. He yanks Adam back and she does the only sensible thing amid the screaming: she locks herself behind a door. She can look out the peep-hatch of said door, however, so she's able to see Bloody Face stab Adam repeatedly in the chest. He looks up at her and she shuts the hatch, leaving her alone in the dark, with this monster-or-person-or-alien pounding from the outside. Cool honeymoon.

The pounding on the door turns to knocking as we're sent back to 1964. Wendy is fretting over several glasses of wine with the Massachusetts chapter of the All the Lesbians I Know Society. The redheaded one (Barb) tells Wendy not to open the door, as there's a killer of women on the loose. The one with the butchier haircut (Lois) says they caught that guy and locked him up. Locked him up in Briarcliff, Wendy reminds them -- with Lana. She's in a really bad way about Lana and says she has to recant her statement. Lois reminds her that recanting a sworn statement won't be easy. She then gets up to answer the unceasing pounding at the door, which turns out to be little trick-or-treaters. They're a night early for Halloween, though nobody makes the effort to call it "Devil's Night," which seems strange. Wendy starts crying that she doesn't have any candy; like, pull it together, lady. One of the kids, from behind his mask, says that's okay -- they'll come back tomorrow. Adorable! After they leave, Wendy continues to break down, but she resolves to wake up tomorrow and set things right about Lana. Lois asks her if she'd like her to stay the night, and from the way Barb raises her eyebrows there seems to be some amorous intent behind her offer. Wendy politely turns her down, saying she's just going to shower and then right to sleep. Cut to a record player playing "Wishin' and Hopin'" while Wendy starts up her shower. The camera travels about the house, where it honestly seems like Wendy opened up every single window before showering. The POV turns to the bathroom, with Wendy obscured behind the shower curtain. Very Psycho. The curtain gets pulled open -- but it's a fake-out, as it's only Wendy exiting the shower. Still, all those windows are open and as she exits the bathroom, Wendy gets the feeling she's not alone. She goes to shut one window, but as she reaches the doorway, through the beaded curtain comes Bloody Face '64. "I'm a schoolteacher," she pleads. "The children -- they won't understand!" Those end up being her last words, as Bloody Face slashes us into the credits.

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