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The Sacred Taking

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Previously: Zoe fucked dead people, Fiona fell in love with the Axeman, Cordelia decided to kill Fiona, and Queenie betrayed Delphine and defected to Marie's. Other things too, but those were the big ones.

Queenie is out walking under a bridge alone in the middle of the night. This bridge is home to all kinds of unsavory aspects – drug addicts, amputees, abandoned shopping carts, rodents, and of course, at least one rapist. The one rapist we know about approaches Queenie as if a normal young girl would really venture down to bridge town alone and unarmed. He unzips his pants and says something awful about plugging all her holes (good grief), so Queenie finds the nearest piece of scrap wood with nails sticking out of it and stabs herself in the hand. The injury transfers to him, but Queenie isn't finished yet. She clubs herself in the head a few times, possibly just knocking him out but more likely killing him dead.

She pauses at the sounds of what I can only describe as demonic whispering in the air, which is apparently what happens when Zoe and Madison go under bridge. Zoe demands to know what the hell Queenie is doing, and Queenie's like, voodoo secrets, sorry. The girls try to coax Queenie back into their Coven with promises of new and improved management under the new Supreme, as if that's any way to sell it. Queenie lets them in on the fact that Fiona tried to tell her she was the Supreme once (a scene that never ended up amounting to anything, I might add), so maybe don't believe everything everyone tells you at Miss Robichaux's. She does have a point there. Queenie produces a massive hunting knife from her light spring jacket and, to the horror of both of them, rips open the rapist's chest and tears out his heart. "Marie Laveau needs a black heart. And I'm gonna give it to her." Awesome. Queenie explains that the heart will be used in a magic voodoo potion to give her more powers, the kind of help Fiona would never dare give them. I am no Emma Roberts fan, but her horrified side-eye to Zoe while Queenie sasses them holding a still beating heart is pretty great stuff.

Fiona is trying to eat toast in bed (very normal) but the treatment for her "Meningeal carcinomatosis" is throwing some nausea curves at her. She calls it "Satan's diet pill" in her trademark glamorous spin on things. She writhes on the floor in pain and references the River Styx, so yes, things are rough. Even worse? "I'm starting to look less Samantha and more Endora every day." Heh. She faces herself in the mirror, but at night, in the dark, and with the night traffic outside moving obscuring shadows across her face. Fiona's confidence has been a little rocked, you could say. And when she told her own daughter she was terminal, that hateful brat insulted her Thanksgiving stuffing! Most solo Fiona scenes happen in a bubble of her own perception, and this is no different. If you saw this out of context you might even believe she's the victim in this story.

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