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Where Everyone Would Love to Drown

After the break, Zoe makes it to Kyle's house and enters when no one answers the door. She creeps upstairs and ultimately finds Mama Kyle on her son's bedroom floor, her face completely bashed in. It's super gross. And then, of course, Kyle jumps out at her, covered in blood and grunting. Zoe screams, because even shirtless Evan Peters can be terrifying.

Back at the school, Fiona and Madison stumble back home and into the parlor with all the portraits of the old headmistresses. Fiona starts talking about where her portrait will go one day … and where Madison's will. Madison's incredulous, so Fiona tells her that she's the next Supreme. She can feel it. "I'm dying," she says. "My time is up. And you're killing me." She gets Madison to admit her powers have been growing rapidly and asks if she's ever wondered why. "Um, apart from me being awesome?" Madison replies, winning my forever loyalty. But no, Fiona screams that she's the source of power, Madison is sapping her of it. "My life force is literally pouring out of my body and into yours." Fiona tells Madison about the cancer. Madison, kind of adorably, offers to have her people get Fiona the best oncologists in the country. It's sweet, especially coming from her, but Fiona laughs it off. No chemo for her. No slowly wasting away into a shriveled, bald woman. She wants to din in style. Which is where Madison comes in, it looks like.

Fiona begins speaking of regret, of taking power too soon and squandering it. "Poured it back into myself and dressed it up in Chanel." She tells Madison she was a shitty Supreme. Not like her mentor, Anna-Lee, who was "majestic and powerful" and taught her everything she knows. And then she sliced her neck open. Right in this room. Fiona produces the dagger she did it with and hands it to Madison. At the sight of the weapon, Madison freaks out. She doesn't want it. And she certainly doesn't want to comply with Fiona's request that Madison kill her, for the sake of the coven. Madison tries to push the knife away, and they struggle, Madison shouting she can't and Fiona calling her a stupid girl. Finally, as all struggles for knives do, this one ends with someone getting their throat slashed unintentionally. In this case, it's poor Madison who takes it on the chin. Or a bit below the chin, I suppose.

Madison falls to the ground, her blood literally on Fiona's hands, and once again there's Igor to look judgy. Now, I don't believe Fiona did that on purpose. I don't believe this was some kind of grand plan to kill Madison in a struggle over a knife. I could be wrong, but I think Fiona honestly did want Madison to end her life and take the supremacy. But now that accidents have happened and Madison is gone, with no ascendant Supreme to sap her power and a new lease on life, it looks like Fiona's okay with how things turned out. She wipes the blood off and tells Igor to bury her under the lawn, deep down because "who knows what that shit in her body will do to the lawn come spring." Fiona lights a cig and sits down, surveying the situation. "This coven doesn't need a new Supreme," she says. "It needs a new rug." Damn. So if you're keeping count, that's three characters from the main cast who have died in the first three episodes. Misty and Kyle came back. Will Madison? (If not, R.I.P., girl, you were great.)

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