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Where Everyone Would Love to Drown

Queenie ventures outside, looking to lure the Minotaur away from the house. It's a misty night out on the grounds, but Queenie spots her Minotaur. The frightening sight of him plunges us into the commercial break, but once we're back, Queenie doesn't run. She says she doesn't want to hurt this poor beast. She lures him into Cordelia's little botany lab, and once there, she begins speaking to him, saying she knows what Delphine did to him. Then things start to get weird. Queenie starts talking about how they've both been called beasts and they both still deserve love. And just when we start to wonder if the show would even Go There, Queenie pulls up her skirt and starts fingering herself in front of this Minotaur. Properly enticed, the Minotaur approaches her, caresses her with his horns, and pulls up behind her. Just when it seems like we're going to get actual human/Minotaur sex, the beast puts a hand -- a fingered hand, not the cloven one we'd seen) over her mouth, and we exit the scenario not knowing if Queenie's in for harm or the loss of her virginity. Tune in next week!

Back at Kyle's, he's still not speaking, in fact just sitting cross-legged on his floor and rocking. Now that he's got both reanimation and incest weighing down his mind. Mama Kyle comes up to tell him she invited Zoe over for dinner. She begins speaking about Zoe, again wondering why Kyle never spoke of his girlfriend, not believing Zoe's earlier protestations that they were not involved. She makes a few concessions towards her behavior -- she's been "possessive" of him and let things go too far and for too long. But she rationalizes that it's what Kyle needed and maybe even wanted. Suddenly, Kyle is standing up and looking at her with a twisted grimace on his face. Mama Kyle begins to freak out at how weird everything is -- that Kyle hasn't spoken, that the authorities had identified his dead body, that this body clearly is not the one she knows as her son's. She wants to know what's happening, but Kyle still isn't speaking. Her grief and worry once again turn to more inappropriate kissing, and ripping his shirt open, and then rubbing up on him talking about how nobody knows how to please you like she does. Finally, Kyle musters up all his strength and screams "NOOOO!" He grabs a trophy from his desk and bashes his mom over the head, then keeps bashing, bashing, bashing, until there's blood everywhere.

Somewhere in town, Fiona has taken Madison out to a bar, where they're playing pool and attracting a lot of male attention. At least Madison is. Fiona smiles at her, though that smile disappears when Madison isn't looking. It also looks like Fiona is purposefully not drinking as much as her young counterpart. At times, she sees her young self in Madison's place.

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