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Devil in a Red Dress
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Ah! A return to the present day, however briefly. It's not like I'm hugely into these framing scenes, but I don't like to be left hanging. Speaking of which! We open on footage of police investigating the run-down remains of Briarcliff while we hear the sound of a 911 call mad supposedly by the "real" Bloody Face -- i.e. the one who charged those punk kids a few weeks ago. "I've been a very busy boy," says the voice -- the voice of Dylan McDermott, I should say, so I guess that's where his role fits into this season. "You'll know my name when you see them," Dylan Face continues. "They were imposters." The cops snoop around Briarcliff until one of them feels a drip of blood on his head, looks up, and sees the three imposter Bloody Faces, in full costume and mask, hanging head above the foyer.


Back in the '60s, Sister Jude is back at work after her barroom sabbatical, meeting with the troubled mother of a deeply troubled young girl. Jenny, the girl, is waiting downstairs with her coloring book, her hair in braids as befits any bad seed. Jenny's mom tells Sister Jude that her daughter always seemed like an adult, even as a baby. She never cried, not once. She tells the story of the time Jenny and her little friend Josie went out to gather leaves and Josie ended up dead in the woods with a giant pair of scissors through her heart. We see a flashback to the occurrence, with monotone Jenny telling her mother, "I tried to stop him. But he was bigger than me. And he said he would kill me too if I didn't stand very still and be quiet." She describes a tall, bearded man in a brown jacket to the police, but her mom tells Sister Jude that weeks later, she found a lock of blonde hair in Jenny's pocket.

Sister Jude is moved. She tells Jenny's mom about her dream of one day running a children's ward at Briarcliff. Such is the grand, perverse complexity of Sister Jude that she honestly wants a children's ward as a way to do good for children, despite the fact that we all know what a living hell such a ward would quickly become. Anyway, they don't have a children's ward yet (though, hi, remember when she was prepared to treat that little possessed boy back when she figured he was a chronic masturbator?). She says prayer is her strength and her ally in a situation like this. Jenny's mom begs Jude to just meet with Jenny. She just needs to know why. "Where does this evil come from? Could she have been born that way?"

Perfect time to transition to Lana, who is just waking up in her comfy little bed in Sylar Thredson's murder dungeon. He's got it made up to look like Lana's room at home, complete with framed photos of Wendy, so for a few moments when Lana is still half-asleep, she imagines that she's home and safe and maybe the last several weeks have only been an awful dream. Thredson -- and I do mean it when I call him Sylar Thredson, as Zachary Quinto has decided to ease back into his old Heroes persona to play this different murderous psycho -- is across the room in the kitchenette, cooking up a delicious-sounding Croque-monsieur. Honestly, between the bedroom set and the kitchen and the pristine white tile, this murder dungeon is nicer than most studio apartments. And Croque-monsieur? I'm just saying, Lana, there's a bright side to this whole situation.

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