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The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

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It’s Stevie, Bitch.
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Previously: Hank killed a lot of people and then died himself, Patti LuPone killed the hunky love of Nan's life, Queenie sort of died (Ryan Murphy recently said she's back next week in some capacity, however), and Delphine's severed finally head came around to the Civil Rights Movement.

We begin right where we left off, with Marie at Miss Robichaux's the night of Hank's massacre at her salon. Fiona is being uncharacteristically kind to her, having not only made her a nice cup of tea, but also offered to fill it up with bourbon from her very own flask to take the edge off. Fiona tells her to drink up, and promises to cast a spell on her later to help her sleep through the night. That sounds insidious in text, but Fiona's voice is genuine, and Marie appreciates the gesture, even if she isn't exactly thrilled to be so vulnerable in front of her arch nemesis. She even goes so far as to call Fiona her equal which must be as weird for Fiona to hear as it is for Marie to say. These two sure have come a long way quick!

Later, Marie is sound asleep when a shadow wearing sweeps across the ceiling of her room and materializes in front of her bed as what I can only describe as a clowny voodoo Rob Zombie. I mean, there's a top hat and everything. She calls him "Papa Legba," which is a real thing in Haitian vodou (that's how Wikipedia spells it, and I'm in no position to question them in this area). This is the kind of character that's a lot of fun for me, because everyone who recaps this show and everyone who comments on recaps of this show likes to pretend they've heard of this figure before seeing it in the episode, which is pretty laughable. Don't piss on my leg and tell me you're all experts in Haitian vodou. I know we're all English majors here.

Papa Legba is played by the great Lance Reddick, who is unrecognizable here, so I am in no way saying he isn't doing a good job. What I am saying is that this character is supremely silly and an unwanted distraction from the momentum the show built last week. Rant over for now.

He startles her awake and tells her tonight's the night to pay him his due, and he may just be a silly vodou Rob Zombie clown ghost, but he's a male one nonetheless, so I'm sure it's something disgusting. He also snorts some magical coke that knocks Marie out a little when he takes it. She's not amused. But, he has all the power here: They made a bargain long ago, and she must live up to the terms tonight.

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