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The Dead

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The Dead

Zoe has unchained Kyle and brought him upstairs for a little classroom time. She is teaching him about being a person again, mostly through the use of flashcards. She teaches him how to say "food." He can say the word, but I can't tell if he actually knows what it means. Until she says "bed" and he flies into an abuse PTSD rage and calls it "stupid" all on his own. Looks like he'll be a real boy by the end of the season! Before they can go any further, Madison shows up, all "who is this?" Oh boy. Zoe leaves the two of them alone to go to a meeting with Delia. Big mistake.

Madison crawls toward Kyle like he's a sexy puppy/delicious pizza combo. She compliments his new limbs, and congratulates him on being made out of "the best pieces," expertly curated by herself. Kyle slaps her away. Madison, hung up on the white light she missed out on at death, asks Kyle if he saw one. He doesn't have enough language to respond definitively, but it doesn't look like he saw it either. Madison's not sure coming back to life was worth the trouble if life is going to feel this empty and terrible, and we all know Kyle's been thinking that too. They hug, a modest undead support group formed.

Marie's salon. The show goes into a cloying Treme territory as a fish monger interrupts his dominos game to toss some fish heads into a bucket for Marie, but Queenie save us from any more of that by appearing in her doorway. Queenie needs no introduction – "A black witch come to town, I'm gon' hear about it." Queenie asks if the fish heads are for voodoo, but Marie coquettishly insists they're just for gumbo. Queenie's never had the pleasure of gumbo, which is tragic. Marie: "Not surprised. Livin' over there in Wonder Bread land they probably feed ya Shake N' Bake and watermelon for dessert." Heh. Queenie thinks they don't care that she's black, she thinks they just don't like her. Which, is that even true? Since when do they especially or particularly not like Queenie? I've never gotten that feeling. Do any of them like each other? I don't think they liked Madison much either, and Nan seems to annoy the hell out of all of them with her thought-reading and tattling. If anything I'd say Queenie is the least hated one in the group. Anyway, Marie knows she's on to something and manipulatively offers Queenie a place in her crew on one condition: She wants her to hand over [her new best friend] LaLaurie. If she brings her to Marie, Queenie will never have to feel "second best to some pretty little white girl" again, which is appealing to Queenie on many levels, most of which likely have nothing to do with anybody at Miss Robichaux's, I'd suspect.

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