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The Axeman Cometh

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We open with a noir-styled opening featuring a man typing a letter on an old typewriter, smoking like a chimney as he does. He narrates as he types, and Google tells me he is typing the real-life letter the Axeman of New Orleans sent to newspapers in 1919. Oh, also, there was a serial killer called the "Axeman of New Orleans" in 1919. History, son!

A title card tells us we are indeed in the Axeman's time of 1919 for this week's flashback. He continues to narrate as he walks out onto the street, giving a contrasting jolly whistle on his stroll as his narration describes himself as a monster who will find more victims with his bloody axe, and soon. He stops in front of a house, and soon we are inside, watching a woman discover the crumpled body of her husband, an Axeman victim. The Axeman watches her in the shadows, and soon sneaks up behind her and gives her a great big crushing axe swing to the skull too. Very wrong, but my first thought? Some poor realtor is going to have a hell of a time selling that house now. I think it's time to install parental controls to protect me from HGTV.

We enter Miss Robichaux's Academy in 1919, where Grace Gummer is reading the Axeman's letter to her coven. Guys, let's take a moment to acknowledge that we have Streep DNA in the house this week. Look sharp! The letter goes on to explain that the Axeman loves jazz music (ugh!), and that every house that displays the blaring sounds of jazz will be spared his axe when he comes to town. This is the thing with jazz people. Always subjecting innocent people to it.

One witch points out how ridiculous it is to threaten people with violence for not being into jazz (I agree!), while a few others strategize how to produce a sufficient volume level with a Victrola. Grace Gummer, on the other hand, isn't standing for any of it. They are powerful suffragette witches, and no man shall impose their axe or their bad taste in music on them! It's time to demonstrate their power by taking down this jazzhole once and for all.

The Axeman is finishing his saxophone set in a New Orleans bar (he's in band, because all awful men are in bands) when a waitress asks him to walk her home. It's the night the Axeman is set to kill, and she's scared to be out alone. He tells her the Axeman won't touch her because rumor is he's a jazz-lover, and she's got "rhythm in [her] soul, baby." He horny wolf eyes her up and down as she slowly walks away. He can't even hit on women without bringing jazz into it.

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