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Back with Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum (say it soft and it's like praying). Last we saw, Bloody Face 2K12 had chased her into a locked cell and had begun the process of digging into Adam's delicious torso. Then he turns his attention to breaking down the door she's hiding behind. Turns out, it's the room where Adam had his arm ripped off, because there it is on the floor with his cell phone next to it. Mrs. Tatum grabs for it, but Bloody Face bangs the door open and is about to do her in when Adam makes one last effort at being alive and hurls himself at their attacker. He gets BF's impaling instrument away from him and plunges it into his chest. After finishing the deed with a dozen more wet-sounding stabs into BF's chest, Mrs. Tatum helps Adam up and they make a run for it. She also tries to call for help, but she's distracted from the operator by the horrifying sight of another Bloody Face at the end of the hall. And another one down the corridor behind her. That second one shoots both Jenna and Adam and they both take their masks off, revealing a pair of white teenage boys, one of whom is panicking while the other -- the shooter -- is feeling a bit of an adrenaline rush. "That's what you get for stabbing Joey!" the second one hollers. So I guess the Cult of Bloody Face theory is playing itself out here. Better than Bloody Face being an immortal or an alien, I guess. The nervous one notes Adam's missing arm and apparently that was NOT their doing. "What the hell could have done that?" Nervous wonders. Suddenly, from the end of the hall comes striding another Bloody Face. But the answer of whether this one is the "real" one or the party responsible for arm-ripping or just another cult member faking us out will have to wait until next week, as we jump-cut into the credits.

After the credits, we're back in '64 and Sister Maury Eunice is delivering the day's mail to Sister Jude. As you recall, Sister Eunice was possessed by the devil near the end of last week's episode and frankly, it's quite a relief. Not that Sister Jude notices, but gone is the simpering, edge-of-tears Sister Eunice that we've come to roll our eyes at. Devil Eunice seems not at all intimidated by Sister Jude and, in fact, seems more than a little bored and sarcastic in her presence. Kudos, Devil Eunice! Please don't leave us anytime soon. "There's a storm coming," she informs Sister Jude. "Big fat storm." Jude absently checks the mail, which includes a newspaper that has a below-fold story on a missing girl being sought out by Framingham police. The big splashy photo of the girl certainly catches Sister Jude's attention, as is the same girl last seen splayed out on the roadside after Jude Laura Bush'd her years ago. Fifteen years ago, in fact, if the 1949 date on the newspaper is to be believed. Sister Jude demands to know who brought this newspaper here; Eunice is all, "the maaaaailmaaaan?" She smirks at the chaos she's sown and exits.

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